02.20.99 Rinoa's intro and SeeD ball movies More media

   Following up on our 7 movies posted earlier, we've put together two splendid movies from the SeeD ball held to celebrate the new recruits. Spoilers are minor -- the sequence only takes place a few hours into gameplay.

   The first movie introduces Rinoa, as Squall's eyes fall upon the mysterious lone woman on the dance floor for the first time. The second is the absolutely stunning dance sequence with Squall and Rinoa. We won't describe exactly what takes place, but it's shocking to see how skilled Square, and technology as a whole has become in imitating human movement and nuances. It's a delight to watch this sequence over and over again...

Rinoa intro CG
QT3, 256x192, 1.28 MB

SeeD celebration ball
QT3, 256x192, 11.06 MB
Final Fantasy VIII