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   A multitude of screens litter the latest Japanese issue of Famitsu. Not only do we see some new CG scenery of Squall driving a car, but a rough outline of the game's initial quest is also described. In order to finally graduate to the elite forces of SeeD, Squall, Zell, and Selphie travel with their teacher, Kistis, to the Fire Dungeon. There's a variable time limit in which to finishing the dungeon. You can attempt to conquer its fiery wrath in 10, 20, 30, or 40 minutes, and the lower you choose, the better a reward you receive, presumably.

   At the end of the dungeon, Squall and company battle the Guardian Force Ifrit. After defeating the boss (and aquiring the summoned monster's power), the trio are declared official members of SeeD. For some reason, however, Squall's rival Seifer is unable to graduate and achieve SeeD's ranking, a failure almost certain to add to his jealous rivalry with Squall.

   Other pictures display FF VIII's car rental service, the world map (with a large, spherical globe indicating your position in the lower-right corner), various Garden screens, and even Zell's home. Just two more weeks to go before Final Fantasy VIII is released in Japan...

[source] » Famitsu, Rei Urabe
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