01.28.99 Two more limit breaks More media

   The latest issue of Weekly Jump in Japan contains screens of two new limit-break sequences. We've left the magazine scan in its entirety to make the sequence of each limit clearer and easier to discern. (That, and we're pretty damn lazy.)

   The first limit break starts with Rinoa whistling sharply, which summons a dog named Andrea. The dog dashes in from afar with a ring of energy surrounding her, leaps as she nears the party, and lands in the middle of a group of enemies while emitting a massive chain of explosions. Andrea then leaps back to Rinoa and accepts a treat for a job well done.

   What's surprising about the second limit break is that Seifer hasn't actually been seen in battle until now. He fights alongside Squall and Zell in the screen shots, beginning his limit break by whirling his Gunblade in a circle before shooting out a multitude of powerful "energy discs."

   Finally, we've included a screen shot of a pet shop. Pets can be purchased in the store, though exactly what this accomplishes is not yet known, nor is whether or not Andrea is originally purchased there.

Limit breaks, large

Limit breaks, small

Pet shop
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