01.08.98 4 Card Battle shots More media

   FF VIII's new Card Battle system turns innocent townspeople into helpless victims! Okay, so you can't maul the annoying buggers, but you can at least humiliate 'em over a good game of cards. "Battles" look like a cross between War, Spades, and Magic: the Gathering. To battle a townsperson, just push "square" instead of "circle" while facing them, and if they have cards, they'll play!

   Cards can be collected after winning both card battles and regular battles. Collect them all for something special! (Hopefully more special than the respect and admiration of your peers.) While Square has not announced if the Card Battle game will support the PDA, this type of game would lend itself perfectly to the small, collectable screen. As far as we know, the cards are fortunately not virtually alive in any way.

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