05.18.01 E3: Metroid IV screens
   Metroid fans: start salivating.
05.17.01 E3: First Metroid IV details
   Samus' GBA adventure shows up on video only.
05.15.01 New Metroid games placed on series timeline
   One prequel, one sequel.
03.24.01 Metroid GBA confirmed to be new game
   Nintendo's Ken Lobb says the upcoming title is not a port of Super Metroid.
03.07.01 "New Pokémon world," Nintendo classics headed to Game Boy Advance
   Pokémon sequel confirmed for Game Boy Advance in 2002, "E-Card" reader unveiled, three new Pokémon debuted, Metroid port announced, and more.
01.17.01 Metroid in development for GBA?
   A Nintendo of Europe press release says yes.
Metroid IV