Majora's Mask Guide

    Welcome to the the GIA's guide for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The latest installment in this legendary franchise is filled with an amazing variety of challenges, items, and extras that should keep even the most hearty of gamers occupied for days on end.

    We saw the other guides and decided that they weren't the kind of well-written, easily-used resource that this game deserves. This guide is meant to be definitive, ranging from a full walkthrough that is both lucid and helpful to a comprehensive listing of masks, heart pieces, and other extras. If you want needlessly gaudy design, you've come to the wrong place.

    Spoilers abound in the side sections, so those of you stuck are best served heading straight for the walkthrough itself. This is a work in progress; all questions/comments/contributions are encouraged and should be sent to either of the e-mails below. Thanks, and enjoy!

Feature by Ed McGlothlin, GIA. | Contributor list, usage guidelines.
Majora's Mask Guide
Complete through the final battle
A complete breakdown of all 24 masks
Listing of all equipable and useable items
Notebook, heart pieces, fairies, F.A.Q., etc.
Special Ops
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