Legend of Mana Guide

   The world of Fa'Diel can be a big and confusing place at times. With so many quests and adventures to take care of, what's a would-be adventurer to do? We've put together a comprehensive guide detailing the missions, characters, locations, monsters, and even items that you'll encounter on your journey. Navigate through the guide by using the menus in the blue box to the right. (And look for additional information soon!)

   While every effort has been taken to minimize unnecessary "spoilers", be warned that this guide contains spoilers. As usual, we encourage you to play the game on your own and only consult a guide when stuck or to see what you missed. But most of all: Have fun!

Feature by Fritz Fraundorf, freelance.
Special thanks to Hawkeye, Kappa, Elena_Turk, and Shane-D.
Legend of Mana Guide
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