Final Fantasy IX Guide

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   The latest Final Fantasy has reached Japan, and to help out importing gamers, we're putting together a comprehensive strategy guide for the title. Now covering all four discs discs, the guide contains a full walkthrough as well as ability and item lists; also available are menu translations, card game rules and more to help out the non-Japanese-literate players (such as the author). Navigate through the guide via the blue box menu on your right.

   Japanese text support is required for optimal viewing of some sections of the guide (currently only the dramatis personae section). Internet Explorer users can download the free Japanese text upgrade from Microsoft's home page; users of other browsers may want to try the Shoudoka service.

   While every effort has been taken to minimize unnecessary "spoilers", be warned that this guide contains spoilers. As usual, we encourage you to play the game on your own and only consult a guide when stuck or to see what you missed. But most of all: Have fun!

   Disclaimer: All translations and interpretations are rendered by one idiot who doesn't know Japanese. Expect frequent errors. Any information, tips, and corrections are welcome; if you know something we don't know, by all means let us know! (All contributors will be credited.)

Feature by Fritz Fraundorf, freelance. | Contributors list.
Final Fantasy IX Guide
Disc One through Four walkthrough
Ability lists by character
Item and store lists, card game rules
Illustrated menu translations
Special Ops
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