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I'll never be a stranger...and I'll never be alone...Whenever we're together, that's my home...

See now, a bunch of people sent me fanfics, and you all have an update a week sooner than usual! Send me more and maybe I'll even update on Thanksgiving for you. maybe. (I'm expecting important company!>

A repeat of last week's challenge. (I'm not calling it a contest yet, but I may if I find a suitable prize) I want to do an entire update of holiday stories at the end of this semester. I am thus issuing a challenge to write me the best holiday stories you can muster - Christmas, Channukah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, New Year's (stick with the winter holidays, ok?). It can be serious, romantic, poetry, sentimental, satirical - anything you'd like.

Go on...I dare you. I'll be utterly disappointed if I don't hear from any of you on this challenge. I'll have to call you chicken-wusses...and send Bastian after you.

Monsters, Inc was really cute! I was also excited to watch previews for Harry Potter and Episode II(Yes, I am a shameless SW fangirl). I already have tickets to fly with Harry at 9:45 this Friday night! See you all there! ^____^

This updates are getting too sickeningly cute, eh?

Rock over New York, rock over Miami
Final Fantasy VIII -- hope keeps love alive!
with love & peace,

ps...Hey Zell...happy one month! Love, Selphie...

Date Title Game Author Genre
11.15.01 The Manhatten Witch Project Final Fantasy VIII Fritz Fraundorf Comic
11.15.01 20 People: 1 Book Dragon Warrior VII Lee Perrault Comic
11.15.01 Figlio Perduto Final Fantasy VIII Gregory Gietzen Serious
11.15.01 Katydids and Ladybugs Final Fantasy VII Silvyrwing Serious
11.15.01 Resident Evil: SEAL Siege Resident Evil John Keys Serious
11.15.01 Sand into Glass Final Fantasy VII Luke Taylor Serious
11.15.01 Perfidy Chrono Trigger Garen Torikian Serious
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