Resident Evil: SEAL Siege

[11.15.01] » by John Keys

10:49 P.M., April 17, 1999

Umbrella Desert Laboratory

Located in Syrian Desert, 100 miles south of Tall 'Afar


Chapter 1


A green transport helicopter began its descent to the ground.  It had flown from Baghdad to reach the lab, and was carrying dangerous cargo.  This helicopter belonged to Umbrella, Inc.  It had been sent to deliver a fresh shipment of supplies, as well as a good amount of biological material that was to be made weapons grade, to the lab.  The helicopter had by now landed and the blades began to stop.  As two trucks drove over, the cargo door on the chopper lowered to the ground.  Workers started to load the crates into the backs of the trucks.  When the trucks were full the worker crews got in them and headed to one of the warehouses.  They made a return trip to finish off what was left in the chopper and went once again to the warehouses.  The chopper took off and flew to the appropriate landing zone.  About a half an hour later a few smaller choppers landed where the transport had and let off some passengers before flying away.  They had on suits and were carrying briefcases.  Two men came out to greet them and then led them into the lab building.


The phone rang in Greg Alester's office.  He picked it up and answered, "Hello."  A female voice replied.  "The buyers have arrived; they're being led to your office now," a receptionist replied.  "Thank you," he responded and hung up the phone.  When his office door opened Alester rose from his chair and stood up.  "How are you doing Mr. Juhad, Mr. Famir?" he inquired.  "Fine," replied Famir.  "I'm doing good," Juhad said. 


"Glad to hear it.  Now, you gentlemen are interested in purchasing some products from us.  If you would be so kind to tell me what you want we can get to business."  They all sat down.


"I'm looking at, say, something like botulinum toxin or anthrax as far as bioweapons go.  In chemical weapons I would like some VX or sarin gas," replied Famir.  This would be another quick transaction.  These Middle Easterners were always ready to pay premium price for bioweapons.  "Well, we can get that.  How much do you want?" Alester responded.  They continued to discuss the purchases to be made as work continued in the lab.


11:23 P.M.

Specimen Storage Floor, Security Office


"Well, only two more hours before the next shift," Earvin Smith said pouring himself a cup of coffee.  "This job ain't that bad, is it?" Barry Hesley responded.  "No, just gets boring sometimes.  Not a lot of fun involved in this job," Smith replied. 


"Hey, if you're bored go tease a hunter.  I bet that might be entertaining," cracked Bob Geever.  "Yeah, I'm sure they're real friendly and playful.  Give it a try," added Mark Faler. 


"You know, I bet they do like to play, but I'll pass on it." Smith remarked. 


"Turn on the TV there, see if a game's on." Geever said.  Faler flicked on the small television resting on a table and went through the channels.  "Leave it at the Packers, I want to see 'em get killed," Hesley said.  "What about you all?" Faler asked.  No one saw any problem with watching the Packers game. 


In the fourth quarter of the game the Bills fumbled and the lose ball was grabbed by Green Bay.  "Shit, that's not good!" Hesley said in disgust.  He accidentally dropped his coffee and it spilled on his shirt.  "Damn, now I gotta clean this uniform!" 


"If you weren't so clumsy maybe it wouldn't happen," Smith said.  "Shut up before I beat ya," replied Hesley.  He laid his coffee cup down on the control console behind.  The coffee cup had been laid down on the button that opened the hunters' cage with enough pressure to push it down.  As Hesley got up to get something to wipe his shirt off the cage door opened.  A metallic clicking sound was made as this happened.


"Did you here that noise?" Smith asked.  "Yeah, I'll see what it was," Hesley replied.  He walked over to the security office door and opened it.  He looked down each end of the hall.  "Nothing there, but I'll look more thoroughly."  He walked over to where they had their assault rifles leaned against the wall and grabbed his.  "Watch out." Faler said.  "It's probably nothing anyway, I'm not worried." Hesley replied.  He stepped out into the hall.  An instant later his bloody body fell to the ground.  "Holy shit!" Smith said.  The three of them went for their guns, and by the time they had picked them up two hunters were in the room.  They began firing instantly.  The hunters moved quickly and with precision and skill swiftly killed the guards.  Geever had his neck sliced open and dropped to the ground slowly, his finger still depressing the trigger of his gun.  Bullets hit the control console, walls, and ceiling as he fell.  Smith was sliced across his abdomen and chest, and fell down instantly.  Faler was still standing as his fellow guards collapsed.  As soon as the hunters had disposed of them, their attention turned to him.  Pain burned through cuts in his back and right side after one of the creatures attacked.  The other leaped and attacking with both sets of claws cut Faler's chest and stomach open.  The force of the blows knocked him back against the control console.  The two hunters looked around at their handiwork.  Satisfied with it, they left the room and headed on to find more victims. 


2:33 A.M, April 18

Main Umbrella Desert Laboratory Security Office


"ST-2, this is MOR (main operations room), new shift is on its way down," a guard posted at a security monitor station said.  There was no response.  "ST-2, I repeat, new shift is on its way down.  Do you copy?"  There was still no response.  "ST-2, do you copy?"  No response.  "Damn, what are they doing?" The guard looked over at the security cam monitors.  He switched it to the cam in the specimen storage security office.  "What the hell, oh shit," he said.  He quickly checked the cams in the cages and stopped when he came to the hunter's cage.  Fear overcame him and he ran over to head of security, Frank Kerter.   "What is it?" Kerter asked. 


"Sir, hunters are loose in the specimen storage area."  "What, are you sure?"  "Yes, I tried to let them know the new shift was on its way down, but they didn't answer.  I checked the camera down there, and they were dead.  The hunter's cage was empty." 


"Shit, the next shift'll be slaughtered!"  Kerter switched his radio to the new shift's channel.  "ST-5, where are you?"  "On the elevator, sir," one of the guards replied.   "Stop it, now!" Kerter ordered.  "Yes, sir."  The elevator stopped.  "Why did you want me to do that?"  The guards were puzzled at why Kerter has ordered them to stop.  "Because we have a problem down there."  "What type of problem?" the guard asked in response.  "Well, somehow hunters got loose.  They killed the current shift.  Report to the MOR immediately."  "Yes, sir," replied the guard.


"This is just great, damn it!  What do I do now?"  Kerter called all security and U.B.C.S. personnel and told some of them to secure all specimen storage floor exits.  The others were put on stand-by.  He contacted the lab director, Don Stoeman, who came down immediately.  The lab director wanted to keep the hunters alive if at all possible.  With this considered, Kerter devised a plan to subdue the creatures.  First of all, all exits from the specimen storage floor were sealed off and secured.  Kerter would then send down two security teams.  They would have tranquilizer guns loaded with powerful darts that could easily knock out the hunters.  Assault rifles would be carried just in case they were needed.  The teams would go down in the elevators.  As soon as the doors opened they would toss out flash-bangs and fire some darts quickly before they shut the doors again.  Once the flash-bangs went off they would get off the elevators and hit the creatures with tranquilizer darts to knock them out.  If more flash-bangs needed to be used they would repeat the first tactic until it wasn't necessary anymore.  For protection full-body Kevlar was to be worn by the security teams.


Chapter 2


All the guards breathed nervous and anxious breaths as the elevators began to descend.  They weren't feeling too good about taking on the escaped hunters.  The guards took out two flash-bangs a piece and readied themselves to throw as quickly as possible.  The short elevator ride seemed like an eternity to them.  The amount of fear the hunters caused was very, very high.  When they had taken their jobs it was explained to them that these were arguably the most dangerous creatures in the specimen storage area.  After time the fear had only grown.  It was not uncommon for these men to have nightmares about the creatures.  They had seen the hunters close up.  They had seen the way the creatures looked and their long clawed hands.  They knew this mission would more likely than not result in a few deaths.  The only comfort they had was the fact that when a hunter killed, it killed with speed.  They would feel no pain if they died; it would all be over in a second. 


The elevator doors opened and in a few seconds all the flash-bangs had been thrown.  The hunters, seeing prey, leaped and ran toward it.  The doors closed before any of the hunters could get through, and the guards breathed relief.  The detonations outside were joined by screeches of discomfort and pain.  The doors were opened back up and the guards pored out.  They hit the hunters standing first and then put darts in the ones on the ground.  The security teams slowly advanced forward watching all around for the monsters they feared so much.  When they came to rooms, flash-bangs went inside them, and then they entered, dart guns at the ready.  All was going smoothly until a hunter dashed out of a room before it could be stunned.  The monster leaped and slashed at a guard as it did.  The sharp claws of the hunter mutilated the guard's neck and he hit the ground, bleeding profusely.  His comrades scattered, fearing for their lives.  One sprinted for an elevator; he hit the button.  The hunter was headed his way.  The other guards fired at the hunter, but with no success.  The doors opened, and he raced inside, but the hunter did too.  The guard had hit a floor button at random inside the elevator and the doors now closed.  The elevator went up.  A scream of pain was heard from the guard as the hunter killed him.


"Sir, two men down.  One got on an elevator, and a hunter followed him.  It's on its way to another floor," a guard reported to Kerter.  "Fuck," he paused," continue with operation.  Retreat if you feel it's necessary," Kerter answered back.  "Where's that elevator going?" Kerter asked someone in the MOR  "Power room," was the reply.  "Tell them to be ready for it, have anyone armed waiting in front of that elevator when it opens.  They have permission to shoot to kill." Kerter said, desperate to end this crisis.  "Yes, sir.  I'll do that right away."


Umbrella Desert Laboratory, Power Room

3:37 A.M., April 18 


"Hey, four of you, get up here," ordered the commanding security guard to some of the workers.  "I mean now!" the guard said when they hesitated.  Four ran up to him.  "Each of you get a gun off the table and get down to the elevator."  He ran down to the elevator himself, where the other guards already were.  When the workers joined them he said, "Alright, listen.  When the elevator opens shoot whatever's in there immediately."


A few tense moments went by, and then the elevator doors opened.  Before any of them could shoot, the hunter leaped out of the elevator and attacked.  The guards fired at the creature; the workers had already fled.  The hunter sliced and diced with ferocity.  The guards weren't prepared and two fell quickly.  The survivors tried to run, but didn't get too far.  The hunter, using its leaping ability impaled them through the back and then continued its massacre.  One by one, the hunter slaughtered the workers.  Trying to get on the elevators meant a quicker death.  When it killed one of them near the power generator, the dead worker stumbled back and fell over onto the generator.  It electrocuted him and caused the main power system to short out and fail.  The back up lights and power kicked in, but one system failed.


Umbrella Desert Laboratory, MOR

3:42 A.M., April 18


"What the hell happened?" Kerter asked when the power and lights went out and then were restored.  "That hunter was in the power room; could it have done it?" he continued.  "Possibly, we need to check the room out," Stoeman replied.  "A squad of U.B.C.S. needs to escort a few technicians.  We need the main power back on." Kerter said.  Kerter picked five U.B.C.S. and called two power room technicians to the MOR.  He sent them on to the power room to see what went wrong.




Umbrella Desert Laboratory, Specimen Storage Floor

3:43 A.M., April 18


The electronic locks to the other cages had been engaged and working properly with the power on, but now they weren't engaged and had messed up due to the power outage and the blood leaking from the dead body of Faler into the control console's circuits.  The doors to cages opened, releasing the monstrosities in them.  The guards outside were taken completely by surprise. 


A pack of zombie dogs picked up their scent and ran to attack.  The guards turned in time to see the mutated canines jump for throats.  Three guards went down instantly and the others, unable to hit the dogs, ran for the elevators.  The dogs didn't approve of this and continued their rampage.  As his comrades were mauled to death one of the guards sprinted for the stairs.  He flung open the door that led to them and froze.  A hunter stood there, his claws bloody, with an evil look on its monstrous face.  "No, please no." the motionless guard said.  The hunter slashed and a headless body fell to the ground. 


Umbrella Desert Laboratory, Bioweapons Lab

3:52 A.M., April 18


The lab technician ran down the corridor, scared beyond belief.  The licker pursuing him shot its tongue out, but missed its target.  The technician continued to run and as he turned a corner saw another licker out of the corner of his eye.  It was too late, however, and the licker's tongue pierced through his throat.  The creature then proceeded to rip off the technician's head.  The few remaining Umbrella employees on this floor tried to hide.  As one of them ran to another room a gang of zombies came out from it.  He tried to get away, but couldn't.  The rotting creatures lunged at the technician and caused him to fall.  As he scrambled to get back up the zombies began to munch on him.  He screamed in pain, but was silenced by a bite on the back of his neck.  All over the lab the creatures Umbrella had made overran security and personnel and did as they pleased.


Umbrella Desert Laboratory, MOR

4:16 A.M., April 18


"It's over.  There's absolutely nothing we can do.  Not a thing at all.  We're either going to die or be rescued here." Kerter said dejectedly.  He was very scared about what might happen.  "As much as I hate to admit it, you are right.  I would like to know how this started.  I want to know what doomed this facility," Stoeman replied. 


"I wouldn't mind knowing myself, but it doesn't matter.  Those damn hunters, and all those monsters, they're everywhere.  We can't do anything but try to survive ourselves.  By now, every employee here should be dead, hiding, or turning into a zombie.  Probably doing a few of those." Kerter said.  "We aren't safe here, but I guess it is the safest place in the lab."  Just then a loud crash was heard in the ceiling above and a piece of metal fell to the ground.  Everyone looked up at the hole in the ceiling.  "This is bad, very bad." Stoeman said.  Several hunters fell from the hole, and every gun in the room was immediately fired at them.


The creatures, undaunted, began to wreak havoc upon their prey.  One hunter received fire from several guards and was killed.  As they found new targets a hunter leaped and attacked.  Its sharp claws sliced open the throats of two guards and they collapsed.  Terror took over and the others ran.  The hunter jumped again and continued its neck slashing.  Two more guards fell as blood poured from the cuts in the backs of their necks.  The remaining guards, by now, had been targeted by another hunter.  One of them was slit across the stomach and as he fell was cut again.  The hunter, with a few quick slashes, killed another guard.


Kerter had run to his office as soon as the creatures made their entrance.  He had grabbed his Desert Eagle .50AE and quickly yanked the slide back.  He turned and looked at the door.  A hunter had followed him and smashed down the door.  Without hesitation he fired two rounds that struck the creature in the chest.  It staggered back and screeched loudly as it died.  Another hunter appeared in the doorway and leaped.  Kerter dodged its attack and fired at it. The three rounds connected, and the monster went into the same death rows as its friend.  Kerter realized that he needed more clips.  He tore open the drawer that had them in it and grabbed the extra magazines.  He pocketed them and headed out the office to take out what few hunters he could.  He emptied the clip at one, but every shot missed.  He heard a screech to the side.  Turning quickly Kerter saw the last thing he would ever see.  The hunter's slashes cut him open and he fell dead.  Within a few minutes the hunters had killed every human in the MOR.  Their dead bodies lay mutilated and bloody on the floor, large pools of blood beneath them.  Greg Alester's office was empty.  The people inside had been killed trying to escape. 


Before the battle that left the occupants of the MOR dead, they had communicated with the president of Umbrella White.  He had said that if all communications from the lab ended, U.B.C.S. would be sent to clean up.  The Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service was to be contacted soon.



Chapter 3


Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service Headquarters

Albuquerque, New Mexico

5:07 A.M., April 18


"We lost contact with the lab about half an hour ago.  Before this happened we were informed that all specimens had been released accidentally.  Security Chief Kerter couldn't say how it happened, only that the best efforts were being made to contain the creatures." U.B.C.S. commander Cameron Walters said. 


"They had currently been trying to subdue the freed hunters, but from what intelligence we have, those efforts were unsuccessful.  We believe that the hunters are the reason that contact was lost.  Whether they overran the lab or knocked out communications, we have a problem.  In response, your platoon has been called upon and will be sent there to deal with it.  Due to the strength and endurance of some of the creatures, you will need weapons with maximum stopping power and deadliness." Walters continued.  "With this considered the following armament has been decided upon.  Your side arms will be Glock .45ACP's.  To cut down the hunters specifically we will issue M60 machine guns.  Everyone else will have MP5 10mm's or M16/M203 combos.  For the six present snipers, we have Barret 50 caliber rifles.  In addition to this you will have frag grenades and flash bangs.  All the weapons and gear are loaded.  We move out in 10 minutes.  You're dismissed."


Umbrella Desert Laboratory, Special Projects Floor

12:19 P.M., April 18


Ike Franklin had been hiding in a locker in the BL-3 staging area, still in his scrubs, since the floor had been overran.  He had listened to his colleagues scream in agony as they were torn apart mercilessly by lickers and zombies.  At some point he had fallen asleep despite the sounds of the monsters outside. 


He thought about what he should do as he had for a long time.  Ike had come up with ideas, all of which would be suicide, but now he got an idea that he liked.  Due to being shut up in the locker for about a half a day he wasn't in a normal frame of mind.  In fact, he was delusional and had been driven insane by hearing and seeing the massacre.   He got the crazy thought he could make it to the secret projects storage room and set loose the Mr. X's, Nemesis's, and Tyrants.  They might possibly help to rid of the current problem.  He could even inject himself with the G-virus and join the legions of genetically engineered creatures.


After debating with himself, Ike decided to act on his idea.  He looked out the slits in the locker and surveyed the scene as best he could.  He saw only zombies, but knew a licker or two could be sitting somewhere.  He prepared himself, and then threw open the locker and immediately sprinted for the door.  The zombies gave chase, very slow chase, and were no threat.  A licker leaped for him, but Franklin made it to the door leading to the airlock and raced inside, slamming the door shut behind him.  He locked the door and donned a BL-4 space suit.  He went through the decon procedure and entered the lab.  He looked around the room.  There were four-dozen 12-foot tall tubes in the room.  In each tube was a tall, genetically made killing machine floating in fluids that helped to suppress consciousness.  Ike walked over to a freezer with racks of needles in it.  He opened the freezer and took out a needle.  He then walked over to a control console and disengaged the systems that kept the monsters in the tubes.  Ike grinned insanely and injected himself with the needle.  He grinned wider in exhilaration as he began to feel the effects of the G-virus.


Umbrella Desert Laboratory, Cargo Door Entrance

1:26 P.M.


Two transport choppers landed outside the entrance to the lab.  All the U.B.C.S. personnel, except the snipers poured out and took their positions.  The chopper carrying the snipers flew out to a half mile away and set down.  The snipers moved the Barret 50 caliber rifles out of the helicopter and set up their positions.  The chopper flew off and landed near the other one.  The other chopper lifted off and flew over to the main cargo door after a single U.B.C.S. had entered it.  He got out of it and ran over to a numerical keypad.  He entered a code and the massive door began to rise.  He retreated back to the chopper, which flew him over to his position.  The mercenary got out and joined his squad.


"Sniper leader, report," platoon commander Wes Mellam said.  "Lickers and zombies sighted," the leader of the sniper team reported back.  "Take out lickers and leave zombies," Mellam said.  "Roger, I copy," the sniper replied.  "All right, pick out a licker and fire.  Don't shoot the zombies," he ordered.  The snipers took aim.


Inside Main Cargo Door

1:28 P.M.


The licker could tell something was happening, but its animal instincts couldn't tell it what.  It crawled forward a little.  As it was doing this, the creature suddenly blew up and was torn apart by a powerful force.  Chunks of its body and blood were thrown around causing a mess.  Its licker buddies didn't have a chance to scurry away before the same explosive-tipped, 800-grain, 50 caliber slugs impacted into their bodies.  The heavy rounds made the creatures unidentifiable and sent pieces of them flying 30 feet.  Some zombies saw the fresh meat and shuffled over to munch on it. 


Outside Main Cargo Door

1:32 P.M.


"Lickers dead, all clear except for zombies," reported the head sniper to Mellam.  "Good job, keep watch," he replied.  "All ground forces move in now.  Head shots only," he ordered.  The rest of the platoon stepped out and formed a long single file line in front of the building.  They took aim and began to fire.  Zombie after zombie fell, having been busted in the head by a bullet.  Within a few short minutes the stupid, undead monsters were wiped out.  "Move in and secure the area." Mellam commanded and they went in the building to start cleaning up the mess.


When the platoon had secured the area they headed on to take care of the rest of the base.  A small four-man quad was left behind to watch the area and keep it secure.  With the help of the snipers this wasn't expected to be a problem.


The U.B.C.S. personnel were about to be unpleasantly surprised. 


Inside Main Cargo Area

2:02 P.M.


"Damn, I don't want to be here." Ron Bawer said.  "I want to be cleaning up." 


"Nothing we can do about our situation, so accept it.  I do feel the same way though," replied Brian Fenner.  The other two U.B.C.S. assigned to guard duty were on the other side of the building.  "This is boring, very boring.  Only thing we might see here is a fresh zombie." 


"Yeah, that's too bad.  This will be very boring."  The two of them sat down to rest and talked some more.  They were snapped to attention by a roar and then gunshots. 


"Shit, what happened!" exclaimed one of them.  The gunshots continued.  They heard a scream and running footsteps.  As they neared the origin of the noise a sickening sound of flesh being torn was heard.  The two U.B.C.S. caught sight of an eight-foot monster in a trench coat.  In front of the creature were the bodies of the other two guards.  Their faces were ruined and gaping holes were in them.   "Oh, fuck." one of them said in awe.  "Shit, shoot it!" the other guard yelled.  They both began to open fire.  The creature turned around and attacked.  It swung with double-clutched fists and connected with one of its attackers skulls.  Blood flew threw the air as he hit the ground, his skull crushed.  The other guard ran and then grabbed a flash bang.  He pulled the pin and hurled the grenade.  It exploded near the new enemy and dazed him.  The guard depressed the trigger of his MP5 and held it in.  The 10-millimeter rounds cut into the monster, but it still stood when the clip ran dry.  The monster, no longer dazed, charged and swung with its fists again.  The guard dodged as he dropped the empty clip to the ground and snapped in a fresh one.  He yanked back the cocking hammer and sprayed bursts of ammo at what he now recognized as a Nemesis.  He dodged another attack and fired some more.  The creature was now slowing down, due to the ammo it had taken.  The guard stood his ground and put the rest of the clip into the Nemesis' body.  It collapsed to the ground. 


He breathed a heavy sigh of relief and turned around.  "Damn, motherfucker took a lot of ammo.  Glad he's finally dead."  Just then the guard heard a sound behind him.  He swung back around.  Nemesis was back on his feet.  The guard pulled the trigger of his gun.  He heard a click.  "Oh, shit!"  As he fumbled to take out the empty, Nemesis picked him up by the face.  He saw a soft, fleshy projection shoot out.  It rubbed against his face.  "Oh, fuck me."  The projection hardened and shot through his face.  It exited out the back of his head, and Nemesis dropped the dead body.  It roared in satisfaction and ran out to the parked helicopters.


Sniper Position

2:07 P.M.


"What the fuck is that?" the leader of the sniper team said.  He had just caught of a large monster sprinting toward the choppers.  The other snipers went to their rifles.  "Can't get a bead on the son of a bitch."  He tried to follow and get a good shot; it was no use.  "Shit, that bastard's moving fast," another sniper commented.  The creature reached the choppers.  "Fire at will," the lead sniper ordered. 


They heard a roar and metal tearing.  This motivated them to switch positions for a shot.  As they moved the creature grabbed a rocket launcher from the chopper.  It had been brought along for an emergency.  "I got 'em!" one of the snipers said.  "Holy fuck!  Run, now!" he screamed and then stood up.  The other snipers soon saw the same sight too.  They began to run.  The monster had the rocket launcher aimed at their position.  It was too late.  A rocket was launched at them an instant later.  The projectile slammed into the sand dune they were on and caught a few of them in the explosion.  Shrapnel sprayed through the air and killed any survivors of the explosion.  Pleased with itself the monster headed back into the lab.


Chapter 4 


Special Projects Floor

2:18 P.M.


"This is Squad 4; we need assistance.  I repeat. This is Squad 4.  We need assis…."  The mercenary was cut off by a licker's tongue piercing through his throat.  He was yanked down to the ground, blood pouring from his opened jugular vein.  He and his comrades were running from something that they had never seen before.  It had the appearance of William Birkin when he had injected himself with the G-virus, but was bigger and scarier.  It didn't seem possible that something like that could have happened again.


"Shit, it's catching up!" one of the remaining squad members screamed.  "It's no use.  That thing is too fast.  We gotta shoot it!" yelled one of the other U.B.C.S. screamed.  "I don't know about that," someone else replied.  "We can die running or shooting! I choice to die shooting.  Make your choice!" he replied.


As soon as he said this, the mercenary turned around and began to fire at the advancing creature.  "Take this shithead!" he screamed.  He unsuccessfully tried to dodge a swiping claw that came at him an instant later.  The claw scraped across his stomach and side.  He collapsed to the ground.  The creature looked down at him.  Its eyes were red and it had a look of anger on its face.  "Oh, shit," the U.B.C.S. said, and his chest was sliced opened.  


Bullets began to pierce into the creature.  It picked up speed and sprinted toward the remaining members of the squad.  Empty magazines hit the ground.  Running footsteps joined the clanging metal sound they made.  The creature gave pursuit.  More bullets slammed into it.  It did not slow down.  "Use a grenade!" screamed one of the mercenaries.  As two of them went for grenades the other continued firing. 


"What the fuck is this thing!  Its got fucking titanium for skin!" screamed a mercenary as he saw the ineffectiveness of his bullets.  The creature leaped and in one quick, continuous motion killed the last of the mercenaries.  First it slashed across the chests of two, and then it used the momentum of the last slash to impale the remaining one through the chest.  As the monster shook the body off its claw blood was flung around.  It splattered around to leave a reminder of what had happened.


Entrance to MOR

2:32 P.M.


"Okay, open the door," the leader of Squad 3 said to one of his men, who was ready to break the security locks.  The mercenary began to immediately work on the door.  After a few moments had gone by he had the door open.  The U.B.C.S. squad poured into the room.  As it did every member immediately spotted the few hunters remaining in the room.  They opened fire.  Their quick, controlled burst of ammo brought the hunters down.  "Good job," the squad leader commented.  The mercenaries only now saw the carnage in the room.  It was a truly gruesome scene.  Bodies lay in pools of blood everywhere.  Decapitated heads lay on the ground.  The walls and floor had blood splatters all over them.  Mutilated, disemboweled, and sliced up carcasses littered the room.  Despite this, every U.B.C.S. maintained control of nausea.  "This is Gray 3.  We have reached MOR.  At least four-dozen bodies are in here.  It looks like the hunters came down through a ventilation duct and kicked some ass down here.  There are some dead hunters, but not many.  Everyone in here was slaughtered," the squad leader reported. 


"We need help up in the power room now!  Hunters are preventing retreat and there's other damn things in here.  We're in deep shit.  Get over here if you can!" a frantic voice responded. 


"All right, on our way," answered the squad leader.  He motioned for his squad to move out and headed to the power room.


Power Room

2:28 P.M.


Squad 2 bust into the power room, their weapons at the ready.  Almost immediately hunters attacked.  One of the leaping creatures was cut down in the air and fell onto the grown dead.  Another slashed a mercenary across the throat and impaled another in the leg.  The mercenary yanked the hunter's claw out of his leg and stuck the barrel of his MP5 to its head.  He fired a short burst of ammo into its head.  The creature fell over dead.  The guy with his throat cut was lying on the ground dead as well.  Blood still leaked from his cut jugular and carotid.  Short, well-aimed bursts of ammo rid the squad of some more hunters.  A few more hunters advanced forward.  "Shit!  Lay cover fire and fall back into that corner!" yelled the squad leader, motioning towards a corner of the room free from any of the monsters.  The four remaining members of the squad sprinted over to the corner.  They stood close by each other, their weapons at the ready.  A small crowd of zombies stumbled over towards them.  "Handle that," the squad leader told one of his men.  The U.B.C.S. aimed his MP5 and fired a shot.  He quickly drew a bead on another zombie skull and fired again.  Both targeted zombies fell to the ground.  He shot the three remaining zombies in the head and watched for more dangerous threats.  After several more minutes of tense waiting, the elevator doors opened and their back up joined the battle.  During this time they had killed two lickers and several more zombies. 


Seeing the elevator open, they rushed out of the corner and prepared to lay down cover fire or waste attacking creatures.  Sure enough, a hunter and two lickers advanced.  The nine men easily wasted them.  A single shot to each of the lickers' exposed brains took care of that problem.  The hunter was taken down with short bursts of ammo.  "Let's clear this room now!" barked out the leader of Squad 3.  Everyone obeyed and wasted no time in laying waste to the creatures in the room.  Two members of Squad 3 spotted a group of about a half-dozen zombies.  They fired single rounds at the heads of the walking corpses.  Blood and brain matter was splattered against the wall behind the zombies.  The rest of Squad 2 worked their way up to the offices in the power room.  They swung inside the entrance to the area and mowed down some slow moving zombies.  In the nest room a licker was disposed of.  The nine U.B.C.S. easily killed everything left in the power room and talked about what their next move would be by the elevator.       


BL4 Lab Area

2:37 P.M.


"Be careful.  We don't know what's in there," said Mellam.  His men nodded in understanding and one prepared to open the air lock.  "This is Blue 1. We are entering BL4 secret projects lab," Mellam said over his radio.  He signaled for the door to be opened, readying his M16/M203.  The airlock was opened quickly and Mellam led his men into the room.  They quickly sighted two targets in the room.  They were two of the second series of Tyrant, more commonly known as Mr. X.  Instinctively aiming for the head, the five men fired short bursts.  The well-aimed shots smacked into the heads of the Tyrants.  Black fluid flew as the rounds impacted, but the creatures kept advancing.  After several more shots to the head they went down.  "Make sure they're dead," Mellam said to one of his men.  The mercenary shouldered his MP5 and unshouldered a Benelli M3 12 gauge.  He walked over to one of the fallen monsters and cocked his shotgun.  He pressed it against the creature's head and fired.  Pieces of its head were sent flying and black fluid was sprayed about.  The mercenary repeated this with the other Tyrant.  "Area secure, Blue 1 over and out," Mellam reported over his radio.  He glanced around the room.  There were dozens of busted open tubes that had contained monsters of some kind.  The fluid that had been in them was all over the floor. 


"Looks like the containment system failed.  They couldn't all have gotten out without that happening," one of the U.B.C.S. commented.  That was highly probable, but Mellam wanted to check the containment system out to be sure.  He walked over to the console and looked at it.  The lever controlling the system was all the way down.  Someone had turned the system off.  Mellam was curious about this.  He couldn't think of a good reason to do such a thing. 


"Someone disengaged the system manually.  It didn't fail," he said, still wondering why anyone would have done it.  He walked over to a refrigerator containing racks of G-virus injections.  He saw that one was missing. 


"Why the hell would someone turn the system off?" asked one of his men.  Mellam shrugged, and looked around on the floor for a used needle.  He didn't see one nearby, and walked slowly around looking for one.  He spotted one nearby the containment system control panel.  He bent down on a knee and picked it up.  It was shattered, but had been used.  No fluid was on the ground where he had found it.  One of his men walked over.


"What did you find?" he asked.  Mellam stood up and pointed at the G-virus fridge.  "That," he replied.  "Is it used?" the mercenary replied.  Mellam nodded and dropped the used needle.  "Let's get back to cleaning this place up.  I'm worried about this, but we can handle it."  His men nodded, and they exited the room. 



2:55 P.M.


"This is Green 1.  Armory found and secured.  Awaiting further orders," reported the squad leader.  A few seconds later Mellam replied, "Roger, stay there and keep area secure until further notice." 


"Yes sir, over and out," answered the squad leader.  "Alright, I'll stay by the door.  Two of you watch that end of the hallway, and two more watch the over end.  We're gonna hold this position."  His men dispersed and the squad began its sentry duty.  Little did they know that creatures residing in the area smelt the fresh prey and hurried along to find it.  A pack of Chimeras were quickly making their way towards the unsuspecting guards.  Only when running footsteps could heard did the two guards on the right side of the hall become aware of the approaching creatures. 


"What's that? It doesn't sound human," commented one of them.  They walked forward aiming their MP5's down the corridor.  The footsteps stopped suddenly, and they froze in place.  A single Chimera screeched and came around the corner.  They fired into its chest and the creature fell over dead, blood leaking out onto the floor.  "I coulda sworn I heard more of em," one mercenary said.  Before his comrade could respond more screeching was heard.  In the narrow corridor the group of screeches was deafeningly loud. 


"Shit, that's loud!" exclaimed one of the guards in displeasure and sudden fear.  More than a dozen Chimeras burst from around the corner.  The two U.B.C.S. immediately began firing.  Three of the Chimeras went down as they finished draining the clips in their MP5's.  They dropped the weapons and went for their Glock .45ACP's.  They began emptying the guns as fast as possible, but couldn't hold back the rush of monsters, as more had joined the first group.  The guards were taken down and ripped apart by four of the creatures.  The other three members of the squad were ready for the creatures and opened up with their weapons.  The squad leader bravely stood his ground by the door expertly hitting the Chimeras in the head and upper body with ballistic tipped .223 rounds from his M16/M203.  When his clip ran dry he quickly reloaded the weapon and began firing again even though the surge of monsters was only a few feet away.  He took several slashes and went down.  Still alive, he watched his remaining men be killed as they fought gallantly.  "Bastards, you won't do this and get away with it," he said as he stood up.  Pain tore through his body, but he didn't care.  He raised his gun to his hip and cocked the attached M203 grenade launcher.  The Chimeras rushed at him.  "Die you monsters!" he screamed and fired the M203.  The 40mm grenade shot out and slammed into one of the charging creatures.  The grenade exploded, and the blast carried threw the halls.  All the Chimeras were killed along with the squad leader. 


Employee Living Quarters

3:09 P.M.   


The leaders of Squads 6 and 7 lead the way into the quartering area for the facility's employees.  Squad 6's leader kicked open the door and rushed in, immediately followed by Squad 7's leader.  They spotted a few zombies and downed them with quick headshots.  They moved forward slowly watching all around.  Some more zombies came out of a room.  Three broke out into jogs and advanced quickly.  Three shots stopped their progress, and decorated the ceiling with brain matter and blood.  Their men were now in the hallway.  The group of men advanced through the living quarters area towards its end, taking down every zombie in sight.  They reached the middle of the area two minutes later, not having seen another single zombie.  "What's going on here?" one of the mercenaries asked no one in particular.  They were all puzzled beyond belief.  In every room they had entered since they first entered the area, there had been no more zombies. 


"Where's all the corpses?  This is strange," commented Squad 7's leader.  "Let's stop for a moment," he added.  The group of U.B.C.S. looked around wondering what in the hell was going on.  "Uhh, I just thought of something," said one of the mercenaries.  The others looked at him. 


"It might be possible that all of the employees gathered together in one room to try to survive this.  And we're right next to the meeting room.  That seems like a place they might gather."  His comrades looked at the doors to the meeting room.  There was one down to both the left and right of them.  They heard moaning sound from the room and knew they were screwed.  The doors burst open and zombies rushed them going at full runs.  "What the fuck!  They've never been that fast!" exclaimed a surprised mercenary.  The sound of full auto gunfire filled the hallway, drowning out the moans of the zombies.  By now the meeting room was empty.  Almost five-dozen zombies had poured out of it.  The ten mercenaries fired into the group of undead corpses.  Their numbers were cut down, but they grew closer and closer to the two squads of U.B.C.S.  A problem was beginning to develop.  The dead bodies of the zombies killed were kept in forward motion by the surge of fellow undead behind them.  "Fuck, we can't stop em.  The dead bodies are taking all the bullets, and it'd be suicide to use a grenade.  Shit!" screamed Squad 6's leader.  A few seconds later, four mercenaries were overwhelmed by the rush of undead.  They screamed in agony as they were pulled into the horde of flesh-eating creatures and made meals.  "Fucking shit, we're dead!" yelled a mercenary as he scrambled backwards to avoid the mass of zombies' grasp.  The firing continued as the room left for the mercenaries shrunk more and more.  Squad 6's leader decided to do something.  He thought up a quick plan.  It would probably lead to his death, but that wasn't important.  They would all die if unless something was done.  He walked forward toward one of the walls of zombies.  He looked down at the bodies of two of the U.B.C.S. that had been killed by the zombies.  They were mutilated and eaten on, and just might turn into zombies later.  He quickly put bullets in their heads and ordered the same to be done to the other mercenaries' bodies lying on the ground.  He shouldered his M16/M203 and pulled a fragmentation grenade.  He pulled the pin and rushed forward towards the wall of zombies.  He charged into the wall and jammed his arm forward, pushing it back as far as he could.  He felt his arm being bitten and gnawed on, but ignored it.  He let go of the grenade and pulled his arm back out.  It took some effort but he managed to do it, and immediately dove onto the ground.  The grenade went off and ripped apart the zombies advancing forward.  Blood, body parts, and chunks of flesh were sent flying violently around.  The whole right wall of advancing zombies had been wiped out.  They had all been killed. 


The mercenaries sprinted away from the other mass of undead.  Two grenades were sent flying at it, and the six men ran around the corner.  They checked out the damage done after the explosions had sounded.  They knew the tactic had worked to some degree, as blood and flesh chunks were sent flying against the wall next to them.  They saw less than a dozen of the creatures left and took them down with headshots.  They all breathed sighs of relief.  They all knew it was amazing that they had survived that.  Behind them a rocket slammed into the wall.  Three of them were killed instantly, and everyone else was sent flying forward.  They looked in horror as a Nemesis entered the hallway.  Immediately following him was another Nemesis.  "Does it ever end?" asked one of the mercenaries in disbelief.  They rose to their feet, knowing that they were indeed going to die.  They could at least go down fighting.  A dozen grenades landed near the pair of Umbrella monsters at the other end of the hall.  The mercenaries opened fire, but were killed by another rocket before they had been doing that for too long.  Their grenades went off in a long chain of successive blasts the ripped apart the two Nemeses.                 



Chapter 5


Main Cargo Door Entrance

3:56 P.M.


Mellam looked back and forth between the two sets of dead mercenaries lying on the ground with concern.  These were the four guards he had left behind to keep the area secure.  Three of them had gaping holes in their faces, while the other had simply had his skull crushed.  "Looks like a Nemesis got em.  Wonder if the sniper squad saw what happened," he said to himself.  "Sniper squad, report in." he spoke into his radio.  He waited several seconds and received only silence as an answer.  "This is commander Mellam.  Report in sniper squad."  There was no answer yet again.  "Let's check this out.  Something musta happened to the snipers."  He began walking out towards the position they had been assigned to.  Hid squad followed watching carefully for any signs of danger.  They reached the choppers and saw the side of one ripped open. 


"What did this?" asked a mercenary as he looked around the area nervously.  No one answered, but stood watching for what had done this.  It could still be around.  Mellam looked inside the chopper.  Everything in it looked to still be there and no damage could be seen besides the tear in its side.  On a more careful look around the chopper's interior, Mellam realized something was missing. 


"The rocket launcher's gone," he said concerned.  His men's fear grew a little bit more.  Despite the possible danger nearby, Mellam lead his squad to the sniper position.  They could not see the hole that had been created by the rocket.  It had been covered with sand while they had been cleaning up inside the facility.  They did see the bodies of their dead comrades though.  They were burned and charred, some of them missing limbs.  Their weapons lay in the sand, some destroyed, and others still in one piece.  "Check out the BMG's.  See if one is still functional," ordered Mellam.  His men immediately ruled out two of the big rifles, as they were in separate pieces stuck in the sand.  Another lay covered in sand, its former bearer still holding onto the gun.  When it was brushed off, a large ripped open area could be seen along the side of the rifle down to the barrel.  The other three rifles were in working order.  They were mostly clear of sand, and in good shape, considering what had happened.  The mercenaries stripped their dead comrades of all BMG rounds. 


"Three rifles in working order, sir," one of them said.  Mellam had been assessing and pondering what had happened to the snipers and the guards inside.  He had finally reached a conclusion. 


"Good, we just might be needing those.  In fact, I think we will.  Hand me one of em, will ya."  He reached out and took one of the Barrets.  He held the big gun in his hand, taking comfort in its solid weight.  "Gimme five clips of ammo," Mellam said.  He took the clips and put them in his combat vest.  There was silence for a few moments, and then Mellam said, "I think a Nemesis did this."


"Yeah, it seems probable," one of his men said, "he took down the guards inside first, and then came out here.  He got into the chopper and took the rocket launcher.  He killed the snipers with it, and moved on.  Otherwise, we would have been attacked by now." 


"My thoughts exactly," agreed Mellam.  He thought for a quick moment.  "We need the other rocket launcher and the ammo for it and the missing one."  They began to walk back towards the choppers to get the rocket launcher and its ammo.  When they reached the choppers, they began to unload everything. 


"Shit, is that what I think it is?" one of the mercenaries asked himself out loud.  Mellam looked over at him and followed his gaze.  He didn't see anything at first, but then saw what the mercenary was looking at.  It was a Nemesis, aiming the missing rocket launcher at the chopper they were unloading.  It was taking aim from inside the opened main cargo door. 


"Run now!" he yelled.  Mellam stayed behind a few seconds as his men retreated from the choppers.  He picked up the other rocket launcher and began to haul it from inside the chopper.  He got it outside and began to carry it with him as he fled from the helicopter.  Mellam heard the sound of a rocket being fired.  "Shit, I can't carry this thing and get away from the blast.  It's too damn heavy."  He dropped the weapon no more than five feet from the chopper and sprinted as he could.  The rocket hit the chopper and exploded.  The blast knocked Mellam forward through the air, and he hit the ground, pain ripping through his body.  The chopper that had been hit by the explosive projectile was launched into the air and came down on top of the other.  The second chopper exploded, and a large pile of burning debris was all that was left of the U.B.C.S. platoon's air vehicles.  Their means of immediate escape was gone.  The four members of Mellam's squad stared in disbelief at the burning wreckage that had been two helicopters.  Mellam was severely pissed off.  After picking himself up off the ground he had began cursing violently.


"Fuck!  That damn son of a bitch!  We can't fucking leave now!  Shit!" he exclaimed in extreme anger.  "Fucking shit!  He'll pay for that bullshit!"  He took his 50BMG and braced it against his shoulder.  He aimed at the Nemesis.  It had tossed the rocket launcher aside, as it was empty.  The creature roared and ran towards the five men.  Mellam was having trouble getting a bead on the creature and keeping it.  It was running too fast.  "Back me up.  If I miss, take that bastard down," he ordered his men.  The two with 50BMG's of their own took aim.  The other two prepared to let loose with their MP5's.  Mellam finally got a good shot.  He was holding the scope's crosshairs directly on the rushing Nemesis' head.  Smiling with satisfaction he said, "Suck on this, you piece of shit."  He pulled the trigger slowly, taking great pleasure from the act of sniping.  The gun kicked hard against his shoulder, but thanks to his massive adrenaline rush and the recoil absorber on the gun, he hardly felt it.  The enormous round found its mark, punching through the Nemesis' forehead.  A four-inch entry wound was created in its head.  The bullet ripped out through the back of the monster's skull, removing all the contents from its head and destroying the back of its head.  The displaced blood and brain matter splattered onto the ground behind the creature, as it was interrupted in its forward motion.  Pieces of skull landed on the ground, adding to the gore.  The backward momentum created by the BMG round threw the Nemesis off balance, and it collapsed backward onto the ground.  A pool of blood began to form from the gaping hole in its head. 


"Nice shot," said one of Mellam's men.  He had watched the effects of the mighty bullet on the Nemesis' head through the scope of his own Barret.  Mellam loaded another round into the BMG's chamber and relaxed.  He needed to think about what to do next.


"Okay, here's our situation," Mellam began, addressing his men, "both our choppers are gone.  With them, we lost the option of escape and our long-range communication capabilities.  We need to try to connect HQ with the equipment in the MOR.  That's our only chance of making the current situation known.  Our numbers are depleted, so we need to get everyone left together.  We stand our best chance at survival that way."  He stopped and added, "Anyone else got any ideas.  I'm open to suggestions."  No one did, so Mellam got on his radio. 


"This is commander Mellam.  All squads report to MOR.  I repeat, this is commander Mellam.  All squads report to MOR."  He waited for replies.  Squads 1-3 reported in and said they were on their way there.  Squad 2 reported one death, as well.  After the first three squads had, 8-9 confirmed that they too were already on the way to the MOR.  Mellam was distraught about the loss of four squads of men.  With the squad of guards and the sniper squad wiped out in addition, he had lost 31 men.  That left 29 out of the initial number of 60 in the platoon alive.  Mellam shook his head in disgust at this.  He would try his best to keep the rest of his platoon alive.  "Let's head out.  We need to get to the MOR and check the radio."



4:23 P.M.


"Is this all that made?  There were 29 of us left when I gave the order.  I only see 20 of us in here." Mellam said.  It had been 10 minutes since the last squad had arrived at the MOR.  He spoke into radio, very worried.  "Squad 2, do you copy?"  He did not get an answer.  Mellam tried to raise Squad 1, but they did not respond.  He had to face the reality that they were all dead. 


Mellam looked around at his men.  They were all scared and fearful that they might die soon.  These fears were very understandable, as the U.B.C.S. platoon's odds at making it through this charlie foxtrot were very low.  "Ok, this is what we're looking at.  We've lost 67% of our platoon's members.  Our choppers are now burning piles of metal.  We can't contact HQ, as we lost all means of long-range communication along with the choppers, and the MOR's communications system is screwed.  We could commandeer vehicles to escape with, but that would take time, manpower, and a lot of searching.  Most of the systems here at this facility are down, and we only have a basic understanding of its layout, so our already high casualties would only increase if we tried to get hold of a vehicle.  In light of all this, I've reached the decision we need to just try to survive.  If we hold up here, we should be fine.  Barricades and other precautions need to be taken.  Let's get to work."  Mellam worked with his men to set up a base of operations for the platoon's survival.  He was hoping for the best, but expected the worst.    


U.S. Navy SEAL Team 4 Headquarters

1:00 P.M. (Baghdad time)


The members of SEAL Team 4 were gathering to be briefed on their upcoming mission.  Lieutenant Mark Phereson looked at his watch impatiently.  He was waiting for the rest of his men to come into the room.  Phereson was the commander of SEAL Team 4.  He had held this position for four years and enjoyed his job.  He respected his men and they in turn respected him.  A few more minutes went by before the last of the team arrived. 


"Sorry, LT.  I got the word we had a meeting in the middle of something," said one of the late parties as he entered the room.  Phereson smiled and replied jokingly, "I don't wanna hear your excuses slacker.  Sit you late ass down."  Some laughter resulted from this, but Phereson needed to get this briefing done as soon as possible.  He quieted the room, and began the briefing.  He turned the lights off so that the satellite pictures available could be shown. 


"No less than an hour ago, I was briefed on our next mission.  Apparently, the suspicions about Umbrella Incorporated and bioweapons are well founded.  Just today, a shipment of bioweapons material was followed to a facility out in the Syrian Desert."  A picture flashed up onto the screen in the front of the room.  "This transport chopper dropped off a large amount of materials, at least half of which is biological weapons material that is expected to undergo the process of being refined.  Our intelligence sources tell us that anthrax, bubonic plague, botulism, and maybe Ebola were in this shipment.  A series of pictures flashed by showing trucks being loaded with the materials in the chopper.  "Another chopper landed later, carrying two well known Arabic terrorists who have been looking for some cheap bioweapons.  Another chopper landed after a period of inactivity from the facility.  It contained armed men, around five dozen of em.  They moved inside the facility after shooting into the main cargo area."  Another series of pictures was displayed.  They showed the U.B.C.S. choppers arriving, and the apparent firefight with something inside the main cargo area. 


"This is were it gets weird," began Phereson, "we have no idea what happened at the Umbrella facility, but we do know that something bad happened.  Here's a satellite photo of what appears to be an oversized human."  A picture of what did appear to be a human flashed up onto the screen.  "Soon after this, an explosion occurred at a sand dune near the choppers.  This huge person made it the choppers and then the explosion happened."  Another picture flashed up, this one showing the rocket hitting the sand dune the snipers had been at.  "There was no more outside movement for a while, until a group of men came out of the facility.  They searched the area for some reason and began to apparently unload supplies from the choppers.  Seconds later they scrambled away and the choppers were destroyed by what appears to have been a rocket launcher.  The same huge person was seen.  He destroyed the choppers and then was killed by one of the men that had come out before.  When those men went back inside the building, no more activity was seen outside the facility.  We have come to the conclusion that some hostile force has taken control of the Umbrella building and is holding it.  We are going to head out to investigate and try to stop whatever hostile force did this.  Unfortunately, we have no plans for the facility so we have no idea about what is inside.  We are going to recon and then move in."


Phereson continued the briefing and informed the SEAL Team that they were heading out to the facility in 45 minutes.  He did not know what to expect, but was worried.  He'd never seen anything this weird before.  Phereson feared a leak of some vastly catastrophic bioweapon, but was more concerned about what could have happened there.  He out it behind him, as he realized there was one way to find out.  He would be extra careful on this mission.         


U.S. Navy Super Cobra Helicopter (en route to Umbrella Desert Lab)

3:18 A.M., April 19


Kyle Phillips removed the magazine from his Glock 19 and looked at the shining 9mm rounds in it.  He snapped the magazine back into the Glock and stuck it in a black shoulder holster.  The SEAL's did not carry Glocks.  They instead carried another 9mm, which was known by the nickname Hushpuppy.  Kyle was allowed to carry his set of Glock 19's because he had been granted permission to do so soon after joining SEAL Team 4.  He could fire both of his Glocks at the same time, while maintaining very good accuracy.  It had taken practice, but he could it with ease now.  Kyle looked around at his fellow SEAL's.  They all looked ready to go through with this mission.  No one knew what to expect at the Umbrella lab.  The info they had was a confusing mess.  The pictures showed a possibly large force of hostiles, but after seeing what that thing, the human, yet not human thing that had wasted the choppers that the assumed force of hostiles had arrived in, the resistance or danger at the lab was largely unknown.  Kyle was going to be extra cautious when the mission began.  He didn't want to be at the wrong end of an attack he could have avoided.


"12 minute ETA (estimated time arrival) to drop off point," called out the Super Cobra's pilot.  Kyle stretched his arms and loosened his neck up.  It was almost time, and he was anxious to start the mission.  He cradled his MP5SD3 and looked down at the weapon.  He loved this variation of Heckler & Koch's sub-machinegun.  The massive silencer on the end of the barrel suppressed the muzzle flash and noise of the gunshots to a minute level.  The MP5 was easily one of Kyle's favorite guns.  In his five years with SEAL Team 4, he had reached the point where the weapon was an extension of his body.  He was unnaturally accurate with it.  The rest of his SEAL comrades were as well, though some preferred the power of the M60 (or as the SEAL's called it, the Hog).  Kyle looked over at Lieutenant Phereson.  He looked as if he was mentally preparing himself.  Thinking that it was about time to do the same, Kyle closed his eyes and relaxed his body.  He focused on the mission that was just minutes away, readying himself to be completely aware of all that was going on around him.  He was still doing this when the chopper pilot called out, "ETA, one minute." 


Kyle snapped a clip into his MP5 and pulled back the cocking hammer.  He prepared his Glocks for use by racking the slides of both back and putting silencers on the pistols.  Ready for battle, Kyle looked out one of the Super Cobra's windows.  He was all set for this mission.  He was mentally prepared and ready to kick some ass.   


Outside Main Cargo Door Area

3:37 A.M.


"It's all clear LT," said Rob Nelson.  Nelson was the platoon's sniper.  He had just finished sweeping the area with the scope of his Barret M82.  "I didn't see anything alive at least," he added, taking into consideration what he had seen.


"What did you see?" asked Phereson.  He was concerned with the last thing Nelson had said.  The sniper lowered his rife and shook his head in disgust.  "You gotta see for yourself."  Phereson knew whatever Nelson had seen was bad.  SEAL's were not easily shaken, and Nelson looked disturbed.  Phereson motioned for the platoon to move out.  They came out from behind the sand dune they were using as cover, and moved towards the building.  Under the cover of night, they were invisible.  As the fourteen men passed by the dead Nemesis, they all stopped and looked in awe at it. 


"What the fuck is that?" thought Kyle aloud as he saw up close what they had seen in the satellite photos.  Everyone else had similar reactions.  After a few moments of looking at the dead monster, Phereson waved the platoon on into the building.  They were all now feeling a bit scared.  Terrorists with guns and bombs were one thing, but an eight-foot monstrosity with arms over two feet wide that wore a black trench coat, had a limp fleshy mass hanging from one hand, and a severely deformed face was another thing.  Phereson waved his men inside the building once they had recovered from the shock of the monster they had just seen.   


The carnage inside the main cargo area was no less disturbing.  Decomposed bodies lay around randomly.  Four bodies that looked like the life had ended in them recently were the only things that looked normal, that is besides the holes that had punched through their faces.  Remains of creatures with exposed brains lay about amongst the mess of gore and blood.  The SEAL's were extremely confused and puzzled about what had happened at the lab.  "I'd like to know what went on here," said Kyle to no one in particular.  They continued to look around at the things lying about that seemed to be from a dream, a very bad dream. 


"What the hell are these things?" wondered Phereson.  No one spoke up for a few moments.  One of the newest members of the platoon, Loyd Harris, spoke up after a minute or two.  "I don't mean to sound stupid, but I could swear most of the bodies in here look like zombies.  Normal humans do not look like that."  Everyone looked at Harris, making him think they thought his comment foolish.  On the contrary, everyone pretty much agreed with him.  They might actually think these bodies were those of zombies, but they sure looked like it. 


Phereson knew that their initial plan for raiding the facility was no longer valid.  What they were looking at was beyond belief.  Phereson decided that it was time to check the rest of the facility out.  "Let's move out, can't stand around here for forever."  He led his men into a corridor on the right side of the area. 


"Be on guard. We don't know what we're up against now," he warned them.  They proceeded onward, not knowing what was ahead of them and what they would face. 



3:54 A.M.


"Huh, what was that?" asked one of the surviving mercenaries to himself.  He had just heard a noise outside the barricaded entrance of the MOR.  He called over to the two other guards on duty.  After setting up defenses, which included barricades and others, the U.B.C.S. had begun taking turns with guard shifts.  The three men currently on duty slowly approached the barricade.  They heard faint noises of claws scraping against the floor.  "What do ya think it is?" asked one of the mercenaries quietly to his fellow guards. 


"Don't know, but be quiet.  We don't have to fight this thing.  It just might go on by and leave us alone," replied one of the other guards.  The other two nodded, and the three sentries stood quietly, their weapons at the ready.  The noises outside remained very low.  Tension was in the air, as the U.B.C.S. waited for something to happen or not happen.  Out of nowhere came the sound of heavy, clawed feet scraping across the ground at a full run.  The guards looked at each, very concerned.  The sounds were a good distance away, but closing rapidly.


"That doesn't sound good," commented a mercenary.  His comrades were in full agreement.  They heard the creature outside the entrance run off.  "What the hell's going on?" questioned one of the scared men.  They heard the approaching footsteps stop.  Loud screeching sounded immediately after this.  More screeching followed, and the mercenaries' ears rang in pain.  A few seconds later a screech of pain was heard, but it sounded different.  It had a gurgle in it, as if something had been killed and was choking on its own blood as it died.  The three U.B.C.S. backed up and aimed their guns at the barricade, fearing for their lives.  They were joined by a half-dozen more of their comrades, who had been awakened by the loud screeching, as soon as they did this.  Commander Mellam was among them.  The U.B.C.S. were taken by surprise when three monsters slammed through the steel door of the MOR and barricades behind it.  They all instantly recognized them as the new breed of hunters.  They were similar to the previous breeds in some ways, but much different in others.  This new breed of hunters stood six feet tall, could jump 70 feet, had an extremely strong sense of smell, had one-foot claws on their hands, and were far more durable and strong than previous hunters.  "Fucking shit!  Those are MA-12's!" exclaimed Mellam.  The nine men opened fire immediately, aiming for the upper body.  The hunters took bullet after bullet, but still came strong.  The rest of the U.B.C.S. were now awake and joined in the attack.  The nine mercenaries serving as the first line of defense fell back.  They had put down one of the creatures, though with very little ease.  Two of the U.B.C.S. were cut off from escape by the MA-12's.  They fired at the monsters, but were overwhelmed and quickly killed as the hunters charged and slashed them to pieces.  Dozens of cuts in their bodies hemorrhaged, as they collapsed to the ground dead.  Mellam lead the attack on the other two MA-12's, and soon the creatures were dead.  Another two of the massive hunters came in through the MOR's entrance.  The 18 men left in the MOR knew that they were in for one hell of a ride as the MA-12's leapt through the air towards them, clearing 60 feet easily in one jump. 



Chapter 6


Corridor Leading to MOR

3:59 A.M.


"You hear that?" asked Nelson asked.  He had heard what sounded like a scream up ahead.  The scream had been barely audible, but has a strange sound to it.  He heard the scream again, and this time some of his fellow SEAL's did as well. 


"What is that? It sounds inhuman," said Kyle.  Suddenly a loud chorus of screeches rose up, alerting all the SEAL's.  They rushed toward the source of the noise.  More screeches sounded, this time louder than before.  Soon after this, gunfire began.  It sounded as if at least a half-dozen automatic weapons were being fired at the same time.  They reached the end of the corridor and came out into an open area.  The platoon immediately spotted a dead monster lying next to a busted open door.  The gunfire and screeching continued.  Phereson and Kyle lead the way over to the door.  They both looked inside to the MOR and saw armed men engaging large monsters.  The creatures appeared to be taking heavy fire, but yet remain strong enough to attack quickly and ravenously.  Several of the large monsters were on the ground in pools of blood.  Human bodies lay about the room as well.  Phereson decided that the men inside needed their help.


"Let's go!" he yelled, and rushed inside the MOR.  Kyle and the rest of the platoon were right behind him.  Three MA-12's turned their attention to the SEAL's.  The creatures rushed, but were stopped by well-placed burst of ammo.  The platoon ceased fire, thinking the monsters to be dead, but to their surprise the creatures sprang back up onto their feet and charged again. 


"What the fuck!" exclaimed one of the SEAL's.  They opened fire again, holding back two of the creatures.  The two unfortunate MA-12's succumbed to the bullets and screeched loudly as they fell over dead.  The other one simply took to the air.  It made a short leap and landed behind the SEAL's.  They scattered quickly and turned around to shoot the monster, but the hunter was already moving in for the kill.  It cut off an unfortunate SEAL's leg with its sharp claw and slashed open the neck of another, almost taking his head off. 


Nelson became greatly pissed at this.  "You piece of shit," he yelled at the MA-12.  Nelson raised his M82 and fired it.  The hunter took the heavy load in the chest and was sent flying back.  Blood splattered about as a large hole was ripped open in its chest.  Another one of the SEAL's saw a hunter in a full jump coming at them.  He froze and watched in awe as the monster went through the air for at least 60 feet.  When he realized he needed to move, it was too late.  He tried to dodge and run, but took a series of slashes across the back and staggered forward.  The MA-12 took fire from the remaining SEAL's as it went in to finish the wounded man.  It slashed off each of his legs below the knee, plunged its claw into the unlucky man's throat, and ripped his head off to finish him.  While this was going on, the hunter took a fatal amount of bullets and collapsed to the ground dead. 


The U.B.C.S. were not fairing well.  They had been scattered when the hunters raided the room.  A group of six had been making a valiant stand, before an equal number of hunters attacked.  The six men fired into them, but to no avail.  The mercenaries could only take down two of the monsters, and then were slaughtered by the MA-12's.  The six unlucky men were sliced and slashed up before being literally ripped apart by the bloodthirsty monsters.  As limbs were sliced off, they flew back through the air.  The hunters vacated the area when satisfied with their work.  Their large muscular bodies were coated in blood, and the red fluid dripped from them as they ran to find more victims.  These four hunters were the last remaining ones in the room.  The surviving SEAL's and U.B.C.S. all opened up into these last MA-12's.  A massive of chorus of automatic fire rang out and carried into the halls.  The creatures were helpless to do anything to prevent their deaths.  Hundreds of rounds were fired at the monsters, and when the firing stopped and the empty magazines had hit the ground, all four of the hunters were dead.  The amount of gore in the room was incredible, as two intense battles had occurred in it.  At least five dozen human bodies lay around, many of them missing limbs or heads.  An equally large amount of dead hunters lay in the room.  Blood was everywhere and bullet holes riddled the walls, ceiling, floor, and equipment.  The surviving humans exchanged looks, each group wondering whom the other was.  As each man loaded a fresh magazine into his gun, tension was in the air.  No one said anything; the room was completely silent. 


Phereson broke the silence when he said, "I don't know who you are or what the fuck's going on here, but I'd say we might wanna band together.  That is, if we want to survive."  Everyone looked at him, knowing he was right.  There was silence for a moment and then Mellam answered the SEAL platoon commander.


"You're absolutely right, but we need to talk this over some first."  Phereson nodded and followed Mellam into what had been the head of security's office. 


MOR, Security Chief's Office

4:12 A.M.


"So, this is what we're looking at," began Phereson, "including myself there are nine of us SEAL's left and there are just ten out of an original number of 60 of you left.  That means that us 19 survivors will have to find someway to get rescued from here."


Mellam nodded and replied, "Yep, we don't much of a chance of survival unless we pay a visit to the armory.  We can stock up on some really good weapons there.  I had a squad down there, but lost contact with them.  I'm pretty sure they're dead, but they just might have been able to keep the armory secured.  Either way, we gotta fight through a bunch of real nasty shit."


"You mean shit like those monsters in there.  I surely hope there's no more of them left.  If so, we are in big trouble.  They just slaughtered us like nothing.  It was pure luck that those last six were in a nice big group that we could cut down.  There would have been more deaths if not," responded Phereson.


"Definitely, those damn MA-12's are just too much to deal with.  Even you SEAL's have difficulty killing them.  That says something."  Phereson nodded in agreement with Mellam's last comment.


"So, what's are plan?  Get the weapons in the armory and then what?  Our satcom equipment is wasted and the communications system is down here.  We have no way of getting a hold of anyone to help us.  The only way would be to repair the equipment or find some clever way to use what we have to send a message."


"Well, for now we need to secure the armory.  We can think about an SOS later.  If all comes to the worse, we can just set the self-destruct system to go off.  This virus can't get outside to a populated area," answered Mellam in response to Phereson.


"Sounds good to me.  Let's get down to the armory ASAP though."  Mellam assured Phereson that they would and then the two men exited the office and addressed the rest of the survivors of the MA-12 raid.  Mellam looked at Phereson and told him to talk first.  The SEAL commander addressed everyone, but looked at his men as he spoke.


"After discussing this whole Charlie Foxtrot with Commander Mellam, we have both agreed upon a plan that might keep us alive a little bit longer.  Apparently the armory here contains many powerful weapons, and with these damn hunter things and other shit running around, we need bigger and more powerful guns.  We plan on heading down to the armory very soon and taking what we need from it."  Phereson looked over at Mellam, and the U.B.C.S. commander took over.


"We need to travel in one large group.  This way any damn creature that gets in our way dies more quickly.  I'm also sure that none of you want to end up on your own and have to fight off the creatures here single-handedly.  Anyway, back to the subject.  After acquiring provisions at the armory we need to try to find some way to get an SOS out.  We need to be evacuated, but at the same time we need to kill everything here.  That means one option, the self-destruct system."  There was murmuring at the mention of the self-destruct system, but Mellam quickly added, "That will be a last-ditch effort only.  That is not our primary option."  The U.B.C.S. commander looked around at the remaining men and asked, "Who's ready to move out?"


There was a general consensus of agreement that it was time to head out among the SEAL's and U.B.C.S.  They formed into three groups, each group following several feet behind the other.  This would allow them to attack in unison and run without too much hold up when required.  Before heading out the U.B.C.S. platoon shared its supply of G-virus and T-virus vaccines with the SEALS.  Despite the fact that the two groups of forces were around for two very different reasons, they were getting along quite well.  This was partly because of the fact everyone knew that each and every person still alive meant a higher chance of survival.  They all felt confident, but were cautious and looked for anything that might pose a threat.  They all new the journey to the armory would not be easy, but it was their best shot at gaining an advantage over the monstrosities roaming about.          



Chapter 7


Corridor Leading to Armory

4:26 A.M.


"Believe it or not, there are things worse than those hunters that we fought in the MOR.  It is hard to believe, but unfortunately true," Mellam said to Kyle.  The SEAL shook his head in disbelief.  The things that had killed five of his comrades might as well have been demons sent by Satan himself.  They were fast, efficient killers that attacked and slaughtered without a hint of remorse or mercy. 


"What could be worse than those things, what did ya call em again?  MA-12 Hunters, that was it.  What is worse than them?" responded Kyle.  Mellam thought for a second and replied.


"Well, the Nemeses are bad-ass enemies to deal with.  They never give up pursuit of a target once they decide to kill it.  Their proficiency with rocket launchers is quite bad.  That's how I lost all my snipers and the two choppers we came over in.  The insulting part is that that damned monster did it with one of the rocket launchers we brought with us.  It also killed four guards I had posted in the main cargo area.  I finally killed the bastard with a Barret, but it did the damage.  This has just been one fucked up operation."  Kyle nodded in agreement.


"For you and us both.  I mean, we come in here and in less than 30 minutes loose close to half of our forces.  I know that's nothing compared to your loses, but nonetheless we SEAL's are not used to such high casualty rates on missions," replied Kyle.


Mellam was about to respond when a high-pitched scream rose up and carried through the hall.  The large group of men snapped to attention and readied their weapons.  The scraping of claws on metal was heard as a pack of some Umbrella creation rushed in for fresh blood.  The first two Chimeras to round the turn in the corridor were cut down by a wave of 10mm and 9mm rounds.  Another two of the monkey-like monsters attacked and received the remainder of four MP5 clips in response.  Kyle and Mellam rushed forward to the frontline.  Three more Chimeras were charging behind the last two that had been killed.  Mellam opened up with M16/M203, while Kyle decided to go with his Glocks.  As Mellam's clip ran dry, Kyle was still firing.  He finished the charging Chimeras by accurately draining the rest of each Glocks' 30-round clip into them.


"Is that all of em?" asked a mercenary.  His question was answered as a dozen more of the monsters came running at full speed.  Kyle and Mellam fell back. Reloading their weapons as they did.  Phereson stepped up to take on the rush of Chimeras with the SEAL Team's M60.  He hoisted the Hog to his waist and let loose with the belt-fed monster.  The heavy .308 rounds flew out and sliced through the creatures with ease.  Their numbers were cut in half after five seconds of firing.  Another four seconds later, the mass of creatures were wiped out.  Phereson walked forward slowly, ready to open fire again.  When no more creatures attacked and no hostile sounding noise was heard, the 19 men resumed their trek to the armory.  More resistance was met along the way, but was easily handled.  They finally reached the armory, suffering no casualties along the way and inflicting massive casualties in return.  The evidence of the battle that had occurred between the Chimera's and Mellam's men was saddening, but the amount of dead creatures showed that the unfortunate U.B.C.S. had not died in vain.  They all entered the armory in high spirits.  What they saw inside made them even happier. 


"Oh man, an AUG!" Kyle exclaimed in joy.  He ran over and snatched up a Steyr AUG lying in a gun rack.  He grabbed some ammo for it and loaded the weapon.  The AUG went along nicely with the rest of his armament.  He was packing a Barret M82 that he had taken from a dead U.B.C.S. after the MA-12 attack in the MOR.  He had also taken four Glock 21's from dead mercenaries.  These weapons were additions to his MP5SD3 and dual Glock 19's.  Needless to say, Kyle was quite sufficiently armed.  The weight of all his guns and ammo was quite a bit, but worth the load.  He was gleeful with satisfaction as he stocked up, along with everyone else.  Kyle also found a set of Class 4 full body Kevlar that fit him well.  After the armory had been raided, Mellam and Phereson planned out the group's next move. 


"The self-destruct system has to be engaged from the power room.  Before we do that though, the power needs to be restored in the main generator room.  Unfortunately, these rooms are on opposite ends of the facility," said Mellam.     


"That's just a little inconvenient, but we can manage it, right?" answered Phereson.  The U.B.C.S. commander shrugged.  He knew that traveling between the two points would result in many battles with the monsters roaming about.  He did not know what they might encounter on the way to and from each location.  Mellam just hoped that the worst was over with, though it probably wasn't. 


"I really don't know what we'll run into to.  With our upgrade in weaponry, it shouldn't be too bad, but you never know.  I have no idea how easy this will be.  Once we get the power back up, we should be able to use the communications system again," replied Mellam.  The SEAL commander nodded.


"Well, we might wanna head out now.  No need to waste any more time here," said Phereson.  Mellam was in agreement and the 19 men headed to the main generator room. 


En Route to Main Generator Room

4:46 A.M. 


"Shit!  Watch out, it's gonna jump!" yelled a SEAL as he saw one of the MA-12's go into a leaping stance.  Five guns were raised and fired at the monster.  The hunter was killed in midair and hit the ground with a loud thud.  Four more of the monsters rushed the frontline of defense.  The five men fell back, as Phereson was rushing forwards with a group of five fresh defenders to fight off the monsters.  They opened fire as soon as the five men they were substituting fell back behind them.  Phereson cut loose with the Hog and was joined in assault by the less heavily armed with him.  The hunters were slowed down by the sea of rounds flying at them.  Phereson continued firing as the rest of the men he had led up ran their clips empty.  Two of the hunters were cut down as they leaped and took more bullets as they fell to the ground.  The other two took short jumps, dodging and evading fire as best as possible.  Phereson killed one of them with a concentrated stream of fire, but this gave the other a chance to get an attack in.  It leaped off the ground with exceptional speed and flew at Phereson.  The SEAL commander saw the attack coming and dropped the Hog.  He scrambled away and avoided the MA-12's initial attack.  The creature, however, immediately shot back up and attacked again.  Phereson tried to dodge, but the hunter was too fast.  It caught him across the abdomen with one of its long claws, and he fell to the ground clutching his stomach.  Blood spilled out from the massive wound, as the hunter's claw had completely sliced open his stomach.  While Phereson fell to the floor, the other five frontline defenders opened up into the hunter.  It took the bulk of all five clips and screeched loudly as it collapsed to the ground dead. 


Phereson was in agony.  Blood hemorrhaged rapidly from his stomach, and his entrails threatened to spill out.  He was holding them in with his hands and arms.  Kyle ran over to his ailing lieutenant and knelt next to him.  "LT, hang in there!  You'll make it!" he said in utter shock at what had just happened.  Phereson managed to say his last words before he died.  "Get the rest of the men out of here.  You're in charge now.  Don't let this be in…," he struggled to say before enormous blood loss took its final toll.  His eyes rolled over and his body went limp.  The pool of blood beneath him was massive. 


"LT!  Nooooo!  LT!  Damnit, please no!" screamed Kyle in disbelief.  The man who had helped him develop his skills as a SEAL and who had been a role model for him was dead.  Lieutenant Phereson had been one of the most important people in Kyle's life.  The man had guided him as a SEAL and been a good friend.  Now he was sitting in a pool of his own blood, killed by some monstrosity that lived to take life.  Kyle rose to his feet, anger taking his body over.  Three more MA-12's rushed around the corner to commence slaughter.  Kyle grabbed his M82 and fired as one of the monsters began a leap.  The high-powered round found its mark and blew a massive hole through the creature.  It was sent flying back hard against the wall and bounced off onto the ground.  Kyle dropped the big rifle, determined to kill the rest of the monsters.     


Everyone else was yelling at Kyle to fall back, but he paid no heed to their words.  He grabbed Lieutenant Phereson's Remington M870 Express Super Magnum and walked forward towards the two charging beasts.  Kyle ducked beneath the reach of a hunter's swipe as it leaped over him.  He rose, bringing the powerful 12 gauge to his shoulder and racking a shell into the chamber.  He turned and fired twice into the monster's head as it tried a short leaping slash.  The hunter's head was mutilated by the three and a half inch slugs and almost decapitated, despite the fact that it had no neck.  Kyle dropped the shotgun and pulled his Glock 19's.  He did a combat roll backwards to avoid losing his head to the last hunter's jumping swipe.  He came up into a stand and fired away with Glocks akimbo at the monster, which was charging him again.  The 9mm rounds smacked into its chest and head, slowing down the hunter.  Kyle was aiming for its eyes and actually managed to hit both of them.  The MA-12 shrieked in discomfort and slashed randomly at the air, as it had been blinded.  Kyle walked forward and kicked it in the head.  The creature fell to the ground.  Immediately, Kyle stepped onto each of the hunter's wrist to restrain its arms and keep the deadly claws from being put to use.  He bent down, aiming his Glocks straight down at the MA-12's face and fired away, ravenously draining the rest of the ammo in the guns to finish off the hunter.  The Glocks clicked on empty repeatedly as Kyle continued to rapidly pull their triggers.  In his state of rage it took him a few seconds to realize they were empty.  He ejected the empty clips and reloaded the Glocks.  He put them back in their holsters and stepped off of the dead hunter.  The monster's head was unrecognizable.  Blood was spattered around where it had been killed.  Kyle was coated in its blood himself.  His clothes were stained red and wet with blood, and drops of the red fluid leaked from his hair and face.  He walked back to join the rest of his comrades.  As he walked a screech sounded from behind him.  Kyle reached down to pick up the 870 Super Magnum.  He turned as another MA-12 rushed at him.  Kyle smiled and racked a fresh slug into the chamber.  He pulled the trigger and drained what was left in the extended tube magazine into the hunter.  All four of the remaining slugs slammed into the MA-12.  It was blown back, after having been ripped open by the heavy rounds.  Kyle dropped the shotgun and turned around.  Everyone else was looking at him in shock of the display of hunter killing he had just performed.  With the immediate danger out of the way, the group headed on to the main generator room.   


Main Generator Room

5:06 A.M.


"This isn't so bad.  It just looks like we gotta fix some circuits and turn some breakers back on, and activate the main power.  Nothing really complicated at all," commented Mellam.  He had just finished inspecting the room and seeing what needed to be done to get the power back up.  After the run in with the MA-12's the group had quickly made their way to this room.  No more really dangerous creatures had been encountered, so the rest of the trip had been easy. 


The restoration of the main power system went along quickly with 14 people at work on it.  Two U.B.C.S. and two SEAL's stood guard in case any monsters decided to show up.  Kyle was among those standing guard.  His act of skillful hunter slaughter was completely responsible for this.  The other three guards felt a little more comfortable with him helping in sentry duty, since they had seen him put seemingly little effort into killing the last four MA-12's that had attacked single-handedly. 


"How's the circuit repair going over there?" Mellam called out to a SEAL on the other side of the room.  The SEAL stopped working for a moment and answered, "Just fine, bout half a dozen circuits left to go." 


"Good, keep it up," responded Mellam.  He walked over to where a few U.B.C.S. had almost been done several minutes ago.  He had to step around the dead bodies of a few Chimera's along the way.  When the group had entered the room, they found a dozen Chimera's occupying it.  The ceiling crawling monkey monsters were easily disposed of.  "How's it coming along?" Mellam asked the two mercenaries. 


One of them turned around and replied, "One more circuit.  After we finish it, we'll help elsewhere."  Mellam nodded his approval.  He was surprised at how well his platoon and the SEAL's were getting along with each other.  Considering the fact that the SEAL's were agents of the U.S. government and the U.B.C.S. was Umbrella's force of mercenaries, it was quite amazing.  The extreme danger present at the facility and safety in numbers principle were major reasons for cooperation between the two forces, but there was another reason as well.  The SEAL's and U.B.C.S. respected one another.  They had respect for each other's skills and the bravery they showed during the MA-12 attack in the MOR.  They had been outmatched, but through bravery and determination won the battle.  The two forces felt mutual bonds from the battle. 


The rest of the repair work went along quite well.  It was completed within fifteen minutes.  All of the breakers were turned back on, and then the main power breaker was turned on.  The power system reactivated and began working again. 


"OK, good job everyone.  Let's head to the MOR and send out an SOS," said Mellam.  They reorganized into groups and headed back to the MOR, moving along very quickly.  Morale was soaring once again, and they all were very confident.



5:36 A.M.


"Sandman 3, do you copy?  This is Sidewinder.  Do you copy?"  Kyle was having no luck raising one of the three helicopters that brought in the platoon.  The two escort choppers and the transport chopper were not responding.  "Shit, this is bad," commented Kyle to himself.  He continued to unsuccessfully contact the choppers for a few more minutes, and then gave up in despair.  "This isn't a good sign for our survival."


To his great surprise, an answer finally came over the radio.  Kyle fumbled to answer in his excited hope.  "This is Sandman 2.  Do you copy Sidewinder?" came the reply again.  Kyle answered back quickly.


"This is Sidewinder.  It's damn good to hear ya," Kyle responded.  They could get the hell out of here now.  Everyone else in the room was as glad to hear an answer as Kyle was.


"What's going on there?  You never made radio contact before this," asked the pilot.  Kyle knew he couldn't tell all that was going on and that had happened right now.  They still had to activate the self-destruct system.  "Well, that's too long a story to tell now.  We need evac ASAP.  There's some bad shit going on down here.  We can't survive if we don't get out of here soon.  This mission turned out to be a major Charlie Foxtrot.  We have several deaths, six to be exact."  The message was relayed on to the appropriate people and the request for pick-up was granted. 


"Roger, as soon as we get done with refueling you'll have your evac," informed the pilot.  Before Kyle could ask what the expected ETA was, the pilot told him.  "ETA, 2 hours."  No one wanted to wait that long, but they had no choice.  "Roger, over and out."

Every SEAL in the room knew that the two hours till evacuation would be an eternity.


MOR, Security Chief's Office

6:07 A.M.


"So, we go activate the self-destruct in 30 more minutes and wait for the evac choppers.  Sounds good to me," said Kyle.  Mellam and he and just talked over what they were going to do during the time left till evacuation.  The U.B.C.S. commander nodded yes.  Kyle was wondering what Mellam and his U.B.C.S. platoon were going to do.  "I was just wondering about something," Kyle said. 


"What is it then?" answered Mellam.  Kyle didn't know how to say what he was going to ask lightly.  He was just going to have to say it out loud.  "How are you and your men getting out of here?  You never said anything about how you are.  You can get a lift with us, despite your involvement with Umbrella.  I certainly hold no grudge against you."            


"I contacted Umbrella after you reached your people with the radio.  The president of Umbrella White said that if it came down to killing us to help cover up, he would make sure I was spared if I helped in the murder of my surviving men."  Kyle now understood now that the remaining U.B.C.S. were stranded here.  There was going to be no provision of escape by Umbrella.  They were being left to die.  Kyle remained silent and let Mellam continue.  "He never said that it was going to come down to that, but I'm not stupid.  That is one of the options being considered if we get out of here.  However, they'll never get the chance to treat us as that expendable.  I told him that we were being assisted by some unexpected backup.  I regret telling him, because he ordered me to kill you all.  I refused to do it.  Without the help of you SEAL's we would not be here.  I was then informed we were being left here to die and that we were now part of what was needed to be cleaned up.  It was never said, but I could it in his voice."


"I'm sorry," said Kyle.  There was silence for a moment, and then he added, "We'll get you out of here.  Without your help, we'd be dead.  We owe you just as much as you owe us."


"You're a good man.  I appreciate your offer and I'll gladly take you up on it," replied Mellam.  With the plan set, Kyle and Mellam exited the office to brief their men.


Armory Corridor

6:32 A.M.


The large creature standing in the corridor had once been Ike Franklin.  After injecting himself with the G-virus, the Umbrella lab technician had become a huge monstrosity with great strength and extreme deadliness.  It had run amok slaughtering all that moved for a bit before undergoing another transformation.  This transformation brought it to an even more powerful state, and it continued to kill.


The Franklin-thing stood above the dead, burnt up bodies of Chimera's and U.B.C.S.  It lusted for more bloodshed and death.  The creature's strong sense of smell had led it to this area.  It had smelt live victims here, but they were all gone now.  The creature was not deterred, as it began to pick up on more victims.  Following its instincts and desire to kill, it moved on through the corridors and rooms of the installation.


En Route to Power Room

6:57 A.M.


The group of survivors was silent as they walked down the hallway.  Since leaving the MOR, it had been decided that only the most necessary things should be spoken.  If they all remained silent, some battles could be avoided.  The amount of encounters with monsters was high enough as it was.  The less they fought, the better.  The trip was taking longer because of all the creatures that showed up.  Evacuation was still over an hour away, but there was no time to waste.  Something could slow them down at any moment.  Mellam had just told Kyle that if they ran into relatively few battles and killed everything quickly, they could get to the power room in another five minutes.  Any hopes of making the rest of the trip resistance-free were ended when a chorus of eerie howls sounded and carried through the corridor. 


"Alright, everyone be ready.  We got some company, and a lot of it judging by those howls," said Mellam.  Kyle nodded in agreement as he raised his Steyr AUG up to his shoulder.  Demonic growling began, and paws hitting the ground at full sprint were heard.  It was obvious the zombie dogs were not far away, as their footsteps were very close by.  When the first mutated canine burst from around the corner, single rounds from every gun flew at it.  The creature was helpless as the salvo of bullets flew towards it.  The dog lost its footing and slid against the wall.  Before it could recover, it was ripped open by the salvo of bullets.  Managing a final yelp before it died, the dog slumped to the floor dead.  Right behind the first canine was a pack of seven of its buddies.  Short bursts of automatic fire cut into them.  Four of the deformed dogs were dropped, while the other three were slowed down.  As they were finished, five more dogs attacked.  Not realizing the futility of their action, they joined the wasted canines already on the floor.  There was silence for a moment, and then agitated growls sounded.  Several more zombie dogs charged in a pack.  The SEAL's and U.B.C.S. were ready and easily took care of them.  After a few minutes of waiting to make sure the attack was over, they headed on.


Room in Proximity of Power Room

7:20 A.M.


The Franklin-thing bit into the arm of the licker.  It growled in satisfaction, as it found the creature to be quite tasty.  The large monster had been following the scent it had picked up near the armory, when it smelled something else alive very close by.  That something had happened to be a licker, and was effortlessly killed so that it could be made a meal of.  The Franklin-thing continued to munch on the dead licker.  It stopped when it became aware the scent that it had smelled before was very close.  Dropping the hunk of licker flesh in its hand, it turned and smelt to see where the scent was. 


It approached one the double doors to the room, the one that was still intact.  It could smell its prey strongly and knew that it was very close and drawing closer.  The Franklin-thing stood where it was, waiting for the fresh victims to show up.  For the huge killing-machine that it was, it remained patient and was very quiet.


It wasn't long before the unsuspecting prey was right in the area.  The monster smelt two creatures directly in front of it.  It drew its arms back and plunged its large claws through each door of the double door and into soft flesh, and then they were in open air.  Blood leaked onto its claws and the monster roared in kill frenzied delight.  It finished off its two victims and burst through the destroyed double door to continue.




En Route to Power Room

7:24 A.M.


One moment they had been walking calmly down the hall, and then all hell broke lose.  The two SEAL's brining up the rear suddenly screamed in pain.  Everyone turned to see two large claws sticking out through the door they were in front of.  The claws had each impaled a SEAL. 


A frightening, inhuman roar sounded loudly and echoed down the hallway.  "What the hell is that!" yelled Kyle in anger.  Suddenly each of the claws split into two halves and pulled rapidly away from each other.  The sound of flesh being torn was heard, and to everyone's nauseated surprise, the now dead SEAL's were ripped completely in half along with the two doors of the double door they were in front of.  The sound of metal being shredded was loud in the survivors' ears, and they watched in awe and dumbfounded fear as four door halves and four body halves were sent flying about.  Blood showered around for several feet.  In the blink of eye, a massive creature shot out of the room and took the group of men by surprise.


The two U.B.C.S. in front of the dead SEAL's barely had time to raise their guns before the monster killed them.  It slashed one of them across the midsection, almost cutting him clean in half.  While doing this, the creature removed the other mercenary's head with a quick swipe.  Bullets began to slam into the huge monster.  It roared in anger and shot forward again.  An unfortunate SEAL was caught off guard while in mid-reload of his assault rifle.  He began to back pedal, the Franklin-thing in pursuit.  As he slammed a fresh magazine into his gun, the raging monster thrust one of its claws through his chest.  The SEAL dropped his gun, and coughed up blood as he was lifted into the air by the Franklin-thing.  Everyone could see that their guns were having no effect against the huge monster that had taken them by surprise.  They weren't out of options yet though.


"Use the Barrets!" yelled Kyle over the chatter of automatic fire.  He dropped his AUG and brought his own M82 up to his shoulder.  The commanding roar of the large rifle was followed by several more of the same excruciatingly loud noises.  The Franklin-thing roared in severe pain as the heavy rounds slammed into it.  As each bullet struck, a large wound was opened up in the monster.  Every round blew out through its back, spraying blood and tissue behind across the walls and floor.  The creature roared in anger and pain one last time before collapsing to the ground.  There was a tense moment of silence as the survivors of the attack waited for the huge monster to get back up and resume attacking.  When it did not, they all breathed a sigh of relief. 


"What in the fucking hell is that thing!" Kyle exclaimed in anger and amazement.  He shook his head in disbelief of what had just happened. 


"I have no idea what it is.  I'm just glad it's dead," replied Mellam.  He looked around the gory hallway.  "Fucking aye," responded Kyle in full agreement.  There was silence for a moment and then Mellam spoke up.


"We need to be on our way," he said.  Kyle nodded and the downsized group moved on with a new sense of urgency to the power room.



Chapter 8




Corridor near Power Room

7:29 A.M.


The Franklin-thing slumped up against the wall.  Blood was leaking from six large holes in its abdomen and chest.  A path of blood had been created by the monster's struggle to continue pursuit of its prey.  Even though it was hurting badly, the Franklin-thing was still focused on chasing down the prey it had begun to kill.  It was more motivated to do so now, because of the intense anger and rage that it felt.  It wanted to kill its prey, which had turned out to be a little more able protect itself than the monster could have anticipated, even more. 


The creature began walking towards the scent again.  It wasn't that far from the source of that scent.  As it walked, a metamorphosis began to take place.  The monster roared in pain as its body began to transform and take a new shape.  New flesh generated in place of the tissue destroyed by the 50BMG rounds.  Its skin began to rip and tear as its muscles bulged outwards.  Suddenly the Franklin-thing's skin ripped to pieces and was replaced by a new layer of skin that was even more thick and protective than before.  Its arms, legs, and entire body increased in muscle mass by a half.  The new layer of skin was the equivalent of metal armor on a tank.  It was rock hard and more than a few inches thick.  The creature roared, feeling new strength and energy flowing through its newly transformed body.  It continued pursuit of its prey, walking quickly down the hall, with the blood and gore left behind in its former near death state and by its transformation not likely to happen again anytime soon.


Power Room

7:25 A.M.


"This'll only take five minutes," Mellam said as he began to activate the self-destruct sequence.  The sequence provided for the main generator to be pushed into excess power and combine with the explosives planted within structures throughout the entire facility to create an explosion that would leave no trace of what had been there.  The nervous group of survivors watched carefully for any monsters.  After the huge monster had attacked and been killed, they had all sprinted to the power room.  Luckily there had been no resistance in the room.  The thirteen men had their weapons at the ready, looking around anxiously for anything dangerous.  The last attack had frightened them beyond belief and put them on edge.  The way that the Franklin-thing had ripped through their ranks with such utter ease was insulting and frightening in the same right.  Not even the U.B.C.S. had ever seen anything like that before.

"We can only pray that that motherfucker is dead, and that nothing else like it shows up," said Kyle, his Barret loaded with a fresh round.  "If we hadn't had the M82's, we might be a lot worse off than we are now," he continued.  A U.B.C.S. nodded in agreement.  This statement was confirmed when a loud roar sounded from not very far away.  More roars followed and eventually stopped.  Everyone was silent, waiting for whatever had made those horrific noises.


"Two more minutes!" Mellam called out as he hastily worked away at the console in front of him.  Those two minutes would be like a year to the remaining SEAL's and U.B.C.S.  They feared something else would happen that would be just like the attack by the thing five minutes ago.  "Okay, almost got it!" Mellam updated.  The tension was thick and the fear high.  Mellam finally had the sequence ready to start.  He was setting it for 45 minutes, so that they would have plenty of time to escape and not get screwed over by having to deal with more monsters.  "It's set.  I'm starting it now." Mellam hit the activate button and watched the 45 minutes displayed begin to count down.


"Right, let's get the fuck out of here!" Kyle said as he ran towards the power room entrance.  No sooner had he said that, than the sound of shredding metal was heard.  All eyes went to the source of the sound.  A long claw was sticking through a portion of the ceiling.  An instant later the ceiling portion was ripped in half exactly the same way they had all seen two SEAL's and two doors ripped in half.


"I thought we fucking killed that son of a bitch!" exclaimed Kyle.  The same monster that had attacked them no more than five minutes ago crashed down through the hole, ripping more portions of the ceiling out, as it was too large for the hole it had made.


As soon as it landed on the ground, six M82's were aimed at it.  "Waste that bastard!" yelled Kyle before it had a chance to stand.  The creature stood to take half a dozen 50BMG rounds in the chest.  The large bullets' forward motion was abruptly stopped as they hit the new armored skin of the monster.  The flattened slugs slid off its chest and hit the ground.  Jaws hung wide open in disbelief.  Before any more shots could be fired, two of the men with Barrets had been impaled and were hoisted in the air.  Four more 50BMG shells hit the monster, this time in the neck and head.  Sub-machinegun fire followed this.  All the bullets simply flattened and slid to the ground.  The monster roared in anger and ripped the two men it had impaled in half. 


"Just fucking run!  Let's get out of here!" screamed Mellam.  No one hesitated to take his advice.  They all took off immediately, running for their lives.  A SEAL tripped and stumbled on his way out into the hallway, and the Franklin-thing was upon him instantly.  Before he was ripped to shreds, his single scream carried through the corridors.


"Follow me!  I can get us out of here quicker.  There's a set of elevators that leads directly to the main cargo area.  If we run, we might not die," said Mellam.  Everyone nodded in compliance and followed the U.B.C.S. commander, hoping against hope they would make it out alive.


En Route to Elevators

7:36 A.M.  


"Shit!  That thing's too fast!  We can't get away from it!" yelled Kyle as he ran down the hall.  He could see the Franklin-thing bearing down on the man in the rear.  Kyle really didn't want to see someone else die, but there was nothing he could do about it.  He pumped his legs faster, pushing his body to the limit.  He didn't know how fast he was running, but it had to be the fastest he ever had before.  Mellam was just ahead of him, leading the way to their last hope.  Kyle glanced back and saw the rear man fall behind everyone else.  He pushed himself harder, hoping that he would not succumb to the same fate.


The worn out U.B.C.S. stopped running and turned around with his sub-gun ready to rock.  He depressed the trigger and held his aim steady on the creature's neck and face.  The bullets bounced away harmlessly, but he continued to fire.  "I'm not running anymore!  Come and get it motherfucker!" the U.B.C.S. yelled.  The Franklin-thing did indeed come and get it.  The U.B.C.S. ducked beneath a massive claw and rolled to avoid the other as it came around in a long swipe.  He dropped his sub-gun and yanked his M16/M203 free from his shoulder.  If all else failed he would use the 40mm grenade launcher.  The mercenary began to drain the clip of .223 ammo.  He took comfort in the fact that he was at least helping the others out.  The Franklin-thing attacked again.  It went high with one claw, and as the U.B.C.S. dodged the swipe, it went low with its other claw, impaling the mercenary through the waist.  The M16/M203 clattered to the floor, and the unlucky man coughed up blood.  The monster roared in satisfaction.  The U.B.C.S. was near death, but he wasn't going down without a bit of blazing glory, literally.  He expended the last of his energy to pull the pins on the half-dozen incendiary grenades strapped to his combat vest.  The monster lifted him up into the air and with a roar ripped him in half.  A split second after doing this, the incendiary grenades went off, engulfing the Franklin-thing in a sea of blazing flames.  Fire carried through both ends of the corridor for several hundred feet.  When the fiery blast was over with, the Franklin-thing stood in the hallway, not even phased by the grenades.  It roared and went to run down the other survivors, portions of its armor skin on fire.


Main Cargo Area Elevators

7:41 A.M.


"Thank God!  We're here!" exclaimed Kyle when he saw the elevators just up ahead.  He ran up to them and jabbed the up button repeatedly.  "Come on you piece of shit, get the fuck down here!"


A roar sounded from further back down the corridor.  "Awww shit!  Doesn't he ever fucking die!" growled a U.B.C.S. in despair.  "I was sure those grenades got him."  Just then another roar sounded, this time much closer.  "Fuck, he'll be here any minute!  Any fucking minute!"  Everyone else had to agree with the angered mercenary.  Heavy running footsteps were heard advancing, and the elevator was only halfway down.  "Fuck this shit!  I'm going down in bravery!"  The mercenary took off down the hall.  To everyone else's surprise another U.B.C.S. followed him.  From down the hallway, the inspired mercenary called out, "Get the fuck outta here!  We'll hold him off for a while!"


"Brave, but foolish," Kyle began, "can't say I don't respect it though."  Gunfire sounded, and was followed by a loud roar.  The sounds were disturbingly close by.  There was a beep as the elevator arrived, finally.  "Fucking aye!" said Kyle.  The other two surviving SEAL's ran onto it.  Kyle was about to follow them, when he noticed the Mellam and his remaining three men not moving.  "Hey, you're coming, aren't ya?" he asked puzzled.


"Go and get out of here.  We're as good as dead anyways.  Umbrella will just send assassins to kill us.  I'd rather die saving the lives of three men and go down in a blaze of glory.  Now go," replied Mellam. 


"I can't leave you behind like this.  We're almost there.  We just hafta wait out evac.  There's no sense in this," Kyle pleaded back.  Mellam shook his head as another roar sounded.  Two of the remaining mercenaries went down the hall, their guns spitting fire.


"Please go.  Don't let our sacrifice be in vain.  Get the fuck out of here and save yourselves.  Continue this battle another day," responded Mellam.  A scream was heard and then tearing flesh.  More gunshots sounded.


"But, but," Kyle began before Mellam interrupted him.  Another series of flesh ripping sounds were heard, ending the gunfire.  Mellam saluted Kyle and smiled.


"It was an honor to fight along beside you.  I wish you luck in the future," the U.B.C.S. commander said.  Kyle smiled and returned the salute.


"I will not forget this.  Not ever in my life.  I wouldn't have had anyone else on this hellish battlefield with me.  Thank you," replied Kyle.  He knew that there was no convincing Mellam otherwise.


The Franklin-thing appeared from around the corner.  "Get the fuck on that elevator!  Fucking leave now!" screamed Mellam as he and the last mercenary backpedaled.  Kyle leaped into the elevator and one of the SEAL's hit the button.  As the doors closed, they heard gunfire start.  The elevator began to rise, taking them away to safety.


Down in front of the elevator, Mellam spoke to his last man.  "Grenade this motherfucker."  They dropped their flashbangs and hit the ground.  They felt the concussion from the flashbangs across their bodies, but were back up as soon as the grenades had done their job.  They began yanking every grenade on them, pulling the pins, and dropping them.  After doing this they both leveled their M16/M203's at the stunned beast in front of them.  "Now!" screamed Mellam.  They unloaded as many grenades from the attached M203's as they could before the huge blast they had created engulfed them and burnt their bodies to crisp.


Kyle heard the blast down below and felt the elevator shake at its force.  He closed his eyes and said with massive relief, "We actually made it.  It's all over"


Main Cargo Area

7:47 A.M.


As soon as the elevator doors opened the three men burst out and sprinted for the cool desert air outside.  As they exited the doomed Umbrella facility, they were ecstatic with joy.  They sat down in the sand outside, taking in the euphoric feeling of having escaped, with renewed appreciation of their lives and being able to live.  Their celebration was brought to an abrupt end, however, when a pissed off sounding roar came from inside the facility.  They looked inside, not believing what they had just heard.  "It can't be alive, it just can't," said Kyle.  The nightmare was not over just yet.


Main Cargo Area Elevator Shaft

7:48 A.M.


The Franklin-thing roared in rage, as it continued to climb up the elevator shaft.  It was angry; its prey had turned out to be quite annoying when it came to actually killing it.  It roared again and rose up the shaft another several feet.  The creature had actually tried to fight back and kill it.  The Franklin-thing felt no pain in its body.  It had felt no pain since the last transformation.  Its prey had done nothing more than annoy it and put scratches in its skin.  A few pieces of shrapnel were actually embedded in its skin and a good portion of its body was on fire, not that these annoyances were causing it any harm.  It roared again as it reached the elevator.  A claw was sent up into its bottom, and metal bent back as the claw separated.  A few more turns of this and the Franklin-thing had access to the elevator.  It quickly entered and busted down the elevator doors.  More prey was still alive, and it was going to die.


Outside Main Cargo Area

7:51 A.M.


"No fucking way!" yelled Kyle in disbelief as he watched the elevator doors fly outwards onto the ground.  "Fucking kill that son of a bitch!" he barked.  Immediately the three surviving SEAL's opened up into the monster.  The sound of gunfire was constant as they began depleting their supply of sub-gun ammo.  Kyle dropped his MP5 and switched off to his AUG.  He targeted the Franklin-thing's neck and head, pounding short bursts of ammo into those areas.  The monster showed no sign of noticing it.  The other two SEAL's began chucking grenades at the creature.  As explosions erupted around it, the monster walked forward, taking no harm and intent to kill the pesky humans.  They ran out of grenades quickly and went to any gun they had.  Kyle plugged away with his Barret, while the others were down to their pistols.  Before the three men knew it, they were out of ammo.  Almost a dozen guns lay discarded on the ground in front of, behind, and around them.  The Franklin-thing broke out into a sprint and charged them.  "Think our knives will do anything?" Kyle joked.  Despite the circumstances they were in, the other two men couldn't help but laugh. 

"Well, we might as well try.  I mean, what else can we do?" one of them replied.  The monster was gaining ground quickly, and the three SEAL's were out of hope.  Suddenly, out of nowhere came lights in the sky.  Kyle turned to see the evacuation chopper come in overhead them. 


"I forgot about it.  Damn!  Get over here!" he said as he signaled the chopper.  It flew over near them and the side door opened.


"What in the hell is that thing coming this way?" asked a crewmember inside the chopper.  Kyle ran over to the aircraft.


"Kill it now!" he barked.  The crewmember did not hesitate to tell the pilot.  The urgency and desperation in Kyle's voice told him that he needed to listen.  The big machine gun turret on the bottom side of the chopper opened up into the Franklin-thing.  The monster was not slowed down and continued to advance forward. 


"What the hell!" the pilot said to himself.  "Hmmm, let's see it take this."  He grinned and drew a missile lock on the monster.  "Whatever it was, it's not anymore," he said as he fired a missile at it.  Kyle watched the large explosive projectile streak toward the monster.  It struck the creature and exploded in a beautiful flash of fire.  Body chunks were sent flying through the air, the monster not able to take the missile.  Kyle smiled and said to himself, "Go to hell you bastard."


The chopper finished landing, and Kyle poured into it along with his fellow survivors.  As the chopper took off and flew away from the facility, Kyle laid back.  He was tired, and exhausted, and sad, and hurt, and very sleepy. 


Navy Super Cobra Helicopter

8:14 A.M.


The explosion was truly beautiful.  Clouds of sand lifted up into the air and the blast was a thing of indescribable beauty.  The nightmare was finally over.  All the monsters were dead.  Every single evil creature and monster that had been at the facility was now sitting lifeless buried beneath the sand.  Kyle smiled and lay down.  He had put sleep on hold so that he could see the self-destruct sequence do its job.  Now that he had seen it, he was going to get some much needed and well-deserved rest.  There would be a lot of bullshit to sort through when they got back, and a lot of paperwork.  Kyle knew one thing though, and that was the fact that Umbrella had not seen the last of him.  He would have his revenge for the loss of 11 good friends.  He would have his revenge for the valiant U.B.C.S.  He would have his revenge, and it would be sweet indeed, served cold as anything could be, for him to enjoy to the fullest.

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