Parallel Universe   

Oh, make sense of me, night...I can see so much from this cold height...

First off, I had a request from a reader to link to because they are matching donations to relief efforts $10 to the dollar.

I've been working on several things in the last two weeks, most importantly a tribute to the lost and missing members of the FDNY. You can find my father's photos from ground zero there, because many people emailed to ask me for them, as well as the entire list of confirmed dead, and missing of the FDNY(as soon as I finish HTMLing that part). There are many names.

I really can't say anything else about this because it's still too upsetting to me.

In more cheerful news, I've had fun working with Andrea on a weird collaborative fanfic/personal muses writing/artwork project that really makes little sense and does not yet have a name. More on that another time if we decide to give the world at large proof that we are insane.

Kingdom Hearts was just made for me, I know it. Selphie ga suki desu...kawaii...

I'm mad that I can't go today to pick up Sir Billy's new CD.

wishing she could skip October 7th this year...

Date Title Game Author Genre
10.02.01 The day the games stopped Final Fantasy VII Dark Moogle Serious
10.02.01 Questions of Superiority Megaman X Nightsong Serious
10.02.01 Gasoline Rainbows Final Fantasy VIII Granacci Serious
10.02.01 Smells Like Wet Dog Final Fantasy VII Beowulf_VII Serious
10.02.01 Experience Final Fantasy VIII Divine Wind Serious

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