Parallel Universe   

I'll be there when the light comes in...Just tell 'em we're survivors...


ahem. This has been a polite announcement from the fanfics palace in the sky.

Yeah, so I'm back in Miami now, happily working 32 hours a week at my computer lab job. My job is basically to sit around and goof off on the ethernet, and occassionally refill the printers with paper. Don't you all hate me now?

I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off too. Should I go to the beach tomorrow...? I have car tan from drivng all the way from NY to in my left shoulder to wrist is a shade darker than my right. Yes, I know I look stupid. bite me.

*ducks more rotten tomatoes* sheesh...

I can tell school has let out because of the size of this update. You all must be as bored as I am, ne? I'm actually *writing* a fanfic, too. (she must be really bored)

I kinda miss my family, and my best friend, and my boyfriend...but at least I have a job and an apartment and no one to fight over the phone line with.

I don't think I have anything else random to say right now, so good morning, good afternoon and goodnight. And have a happy day, ok? ^_^

Utterly euphoric and completely smitten(still),
Date Title Game Author Genre
07.05.01 Circles - Part Four: Earth Xenogears Chad Harger Serious
07.05.01 A Resolution That Would Never Come Final Fantasy VIII Serra Serious
07.05.01 A Nightingale's Song Final Fantasy VIII Ani K. Serious
07.05.01 No. 2 Final Fantasy VII WindWolf Serious
07.05.01 The Exchange Final Fantasy VIII Aerika S. Serious
07.05.01 Crowning Glory Pokémon Blackjack Gabbiani Serious
07.05.01 The World's Martyr Illusion of Gaia Blackjack Gabbiani Serious
07.05.01 Murphy's Law Final Fantasy VII Iridal Serious
07.05.01 Carry On, Wayward Son Final Fantasy VII Iridal Serious
07.05.01 Dust in the Wind Final Fantasy VII Iridal Serious
07.05.01 Memory of Running Legend of Mana The Mana Priestess Serious
07.05.01 Those Who Loved Us Today Final Fantasy VII Wallwalker Serious

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