Parallel Universe   

One day I'll fly away...Leave all this to yesterday. Why live life from dream to dream?

oi, oi, oi... Change of plans. Things with camp went way downhill in the past week, and I thusly decided that returning to Miami was a far better option. I've at least got my own place and a parttime job there, and plenty of places to pick up another job.

I'll miss my parents and Lisa, but back in Miami are also a lot of my friends and the Civic Chorale. Tomorrow I embark on my road trip...I'm driving the entire thing alone this time.

Nothing but me, the open road and a hell of a lot of CDs...

Of course, the absolute best part of this is a side-trip I'm making to Georgia... ^_~

Oh she goes with the subtle remarks that no one cares about...*rolls eyes*

I should be back in Miami by early next week, but if anyone needs to get a hold of me, please email me at because I'll have an easier time getting to that for the next week or so. Submission can still be directed to the regular address.

See you on the other side.(again)

Utterly euphoric and completely smitten,
Date Title Game Author Genre
06.26.01 Circles - Part Three: Eldridge II Xenogears Chad Harger Serious
06.26.01 Love Letter From Afar Final Fantasy IX The Natural Serious
06.26.01 Remembrance Final Fantasy VI Ashley Valdes Serious
06.26.01 LETS PLAY MONEY MAKING GAME Legend of Zelda Jason Corbett Comic
06.26.01 Water God Final Fantasy Kallah Serious
06.26.01 Mating Habits of the White Blue-Tipped Chocobo Final Fantasy VIII Kupo_22 Serious

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