Parallel Universe   

And there's always the sky...trace your hand...

A wide variety of fanfics today - love, despair, greed... Submission guidelines have been updated, finally. I'd think of something witty or creative to write here, but I don't think anyone really reads these comments. What's your favorite color? If you email and tell me, I'll tell you mine.

Is she kidding or has she finally lost her last marble?? No one knows.

Where did January go?

Date Title Game Author Genre
02.08.01 Timber Maniacs Final Fantasy VIII Aaron D. Roberts Comic
02.08.01 Shadows in the Wind Final Fantasy IV Jess Edstrom Serious
02.08.01 Blackened Petals Final Fantasy IX Negative Creep Serious
02.08.01 The Fairy's Gift Final Fantasy VIII Carme Serious
02.08.01 Desert of Life Final Fantasy VI Midnite Angel Aeris Serious
02.08.01 To Exist? Final Fantasy VII Windwolf Serious
02.08.01 Reality's Cross Chrono Cross Benjamin S. Avner Serious
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