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Forgetting all I'm lacking...completely incomplete...

I can hardly believe that the spring semester starts tomorrow...although for some of you it's already going. I appreciate so many of this week's authors sending their stories in .html format. There are some great character studies this week by returning authors Margaret Rennie and Mint Baby, and there are some brand new authors and even brand new games showing their faces in this update.

I've had some fanfic ideas spilling around in my head lately, but who knows when I'll have the time to get around to writing them down. I hear that a certain SA maintainer and a certain Chu-Chu lover both have fics in the works, so stay tuned to this channel for more exciting stories! That last line was too corny for my own good...

Vacation's gone in the blink of an eye,

Date Title Game Author Genre
01.15.01 Dream Of The Devil Final Fantasy VI Margaret Rennie Serious
01.15.01 Dimension Dementia Final Fantasy VI Margaret Rennie Comic
01.15.01 Rydia: Daughter Of Mist Final Fantasy IV Mint Baby Serious
01.15.01 Terra II: Shadows Of The Past Final Fantasy VI Mint Baby Serious
01.15.01 Goin' To The Chapel Persona 2 Mess Serious
01.15.01 Every Breath You Take Final Fantasy IX Neferti Dagger Serious
01.15.01 What If We Don't Exist? Final Fantasy IX Moises Macias Bustos Serious
01.15.01 Battle With Trance Kuja Final Fantasy IX Carl Serious
01.15.01 A Reason To Continue Final Fantasy Adventure Gabe Colbaugh Serious
01.15.01 Ombligo Breath Of Fire 4 Ombligo Comic
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