Parallel Universe

The school year has started, or is about to start for most of us, and I find that the dwindle in my inbox is gratefully accepted whilst I try to put my life back together here in Miami.

With the fall season also comes the start of the holiday games...I fully expect to start seeing new titles in my inbox. As one favor, I'm going to ask anyone who's thinking of writing a Chrono Cross story to hold off a few more weeks til I finish the game. Most things I'm not picky about having spoiled - it goes along with being fanfics editor! However, I've been waiting a long time for Chrono Cross, so if you're going to send me a fic, wait a bit or label it as a spoiler. Thanks everyone, and best of luck with the coming school year.

Frazzled already,


Fanfics of the Week
Title Game Author
The Light Within Suikoden II Kyo Kenchiro
The Fourth Universe - 3 & 4 Final Fantasy VIII Soul-Hunter
Posession Final Fantasy VIII Paul O'Rourke
Darkwinds Final Fantasy IV Wallwalker
When the Worlds Collide Final Fantasy VII Frankie Catena
The Monster Legend of Dragoon David Schwaeger
Annoyingly Lunar, FF, Xenogears David Solomon
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