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I can't believe I've gotten so many fanfics this week - apologies go out because I didn't have enough time to get all of them posted. Next update, I promise. There's nine here as it is, which is more than usual.

DA Guerrier answered my plea for a Suikoden fic by sending me a wonderful piece on...FLIK!! Hooray! We also have some more returning authors this week - Astarte has two great FFVIII contributions for us, and Mess gives us a rare treat - a Fujin fic! I know a certain staff member is probably drooling at this fact.

Newcomer Artemis gives us two Cid (FFVII version) fics, one serious and one humourous, while John gives a very metaphorical piece on Squall and Irvine. Rounding out the bunch is MiniMog's FFT satire, full of original characters, and brightangel's glimpse into why Rinoa left home...

To clear up a few questions I've been getting repeatedly - I'm the sole maintainer of the fanfic department, so you needn't address your emails to anyone other than me. Tami, Tamzen, tambourine...whatever. But no other staff runs fanfics except me, just to clear up confusion.

And just to answer another common question - the origin of my name. My mother found the name "Tamsen" in a romance novel when she was a teenager, and she changed the S to a Z and that's how I got my name. I've never found anyone else in the world with the same name as me though.

Keep sending me those fanfics and I'll keep trying to update as fast as I can!

Busy as a bee,


Fanfics of the Week
Title Game Author
The Calm After The Storm Suikoden DA Guerier
The Maelstrom Final Fantasy VIII Mess
Strolling Among The Gods Final Fantasy VIII Astarte
Resolution Final Fantasy VIII Astarte
Venus Gospel Final Fantasy VIII Princess Artemis
Cid Gets His Tea Final Fantasy VII Princess Artemis
Early Years Final Fantasy VIII Brightangel
The Deep Dungeon Final Fantasy Tactics Minimog
The Hunt Final Fantasy VIII John Ox
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