The Deep Dungeon

[02.21.00] » by MiniMog

"Hey, I can't see in here!" Complained Jeremy, a knight who always beat up the others if they didn't go with his ideas. He also liked magic for some reason, but sucked at casting spells.

"That usually happens in caves," said Duke, who was a lancer, but not a good one. "We'll have to go further if we want to find Lloyd…"

Duke and Jeremy, along with an archer named Lloyd had entered the Deep Dungeon, but Lloyd had gone ahead. Before they came, they heard a squire talking to some guy wearing a funny shirt, and had funny looking hair, about the Deep Dungeon. They heard there was treasures, but filled with darkness and monsters. They figured they would bring a torch, but it went out almost instantly.

"Hey why don't you use some of your magic to light this place up?" He finished.

"Because I don't have good magic." Answered Jeremy.

"Then how about Max's powers? He's the best magician we know! He could probably light the dungeon with a little snap!"

"Max could, but he didn't come. He stayed in Warjilis with Jenny and Ben, remember?"

"Oh yeah,"

"Besides, if we kill some monsters, their spirits will turn to crystals, it could light up the dungeon."

"We'll have to find some way to get deeper in."


Just then, a behemoth came and slowly approached them, only to run them down.

"Gooooo!" Said Jeremy.

"What do you mean by 'gooooo'?"

"Gooooo as in an attempt to show fear, but can't show it well."

"You should say ahhhh."


"No, no. It's ahhhh. You have to kind of… stretch you tongue… yes that's it!"

"Alright, ahhhh!"

"Yes that's right!"

"No, ahhhh!!!" Said Jeremy as he pointed out the behemoth.

"AHHH!!!" They both said as the behemoth charged at them.

"Quick, get out of the way!" Said Duke as he jumped aside to stick his spear into one of the behemoth's back leg.

The behemoth was really angry, so he swiped Jeremy's picnic basket, and ate his peanut butter sandwich.

"Damn, he's smarter than the average behemoth! He swiped my pic-a-nic basket! And he ate my peanut butter sandwich! I was going to eat that, I was!" Yelled Jeremy. He then charged at the behemoth with his sword, but the behemoth got him first. The behemoth threw the picnic basket at Jeremy's forehead, which knocked him out. Duke, however, drove his spear into the beast's pancreas, which amazingly, the behemoth had a sudden heart attack, and died on the spot.

"Huh." Said Duke, noticing the behemoth's spirit had turned to crystal, and then he noticed Jeremy, and what was even more painful, the empty picnic basket. "DAMN! I HAD A COUPLE PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES IN THAT PIC-A-NIC BASKET! DAMN YOU TO HELL, YOU FAT PIG! He said to the behemoth's crystal. Then Max somehow managed to arrive at the scene. Max was a summoner, who knew almost every spell there is.

"Why are you here?" Said Duke

"Well, I was sitting at the inn I told you we were staying in, and then my Spidey-Senses were tingling, and I sensed you were in grave danger." Max stated

"No you didn't. You don't have Spidey-Senses."

"Actually, I remembered you guys had the pic-a-nic basket, and Jenny made you some peanut butter sandwiches. I suddenly had a hankering for peanut butter sandwiches, but we ran out of peanut butter when we had to pay the 'being alive fee', the 'owning peanut butter fee', the 'staying at an inn fee', and a multiple fee fee. I said 'Likewise, mister!' to the owner, but then he pulled out a sword and put it to my neck, and told me to pay. Anyway, Jeremy looks hurt. What happened?"

Duke explained the situation with the behemoth, and even managed to include the part about the heart attack, even though there was no way of telling.

"I'll have to cast something on him. Where's Lloyd gone to?"

"Well, when we first got here, he told us that he was going for that bow we read up on. When he heard there was treasure, he wondered if there was any weapons he could use, so he read up on this bow he called 'The Perseus Bow', and when we got here, he ran right in."


"No. He just ran in while we were having second thoughts about coming in." Duke didn't notice it, but when he finished talking, Jeremy had already gotten better.

"Lloyd said that there was other weapons in here too, but also some evil monsters, and that there is supposedly an evil wizard that lives in the bottom. He also said sometimes people would come down to get the treasures, like us." Jeremy added.

"Whatever the situation, Lloyd is down there, and he could be dead already." Said Max "We'll have to find our way deeper into the dungeon, even if there is an evil wizard."

"I think he went that way." Said a familiar voice. They all turned around to see a female monk.

"Jenny, what are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay on the boat with Ben."

"Well, I thought you were going to get the peanut butter sandwiches, and I got hungry. And why don't we try jelly with those sandwiches?"

"That's going to far! Jelly ruins everything! You know that!" Jeremy complained. "Besides, we don't have anymore. A behemoth came and ate them all. It swiped my pic-a-nic basket, and ate the sandwiches!" Jeremy pointed out the broken basket with the remains of sandwich.

"You always say that! Remember when we were hiking across Barius Hill? You ate them all!"

"Shut up. We have to find Lloyd. He went ahead of us, and we don't know the path. He might be dead already."

"We have to find the path that leads deeper." Commented Max.

After a half-hour, Duke found the way, and managed to not encounter any monsters, but not treasures either. Soon, they made it deeper, and reached a place that was long, and then curved around. In the middle of the curve was a pit, but it was still dark. Max's spells could light up the room, but only for a second or two. When they could see the hole, they also saw a figure. Actually, it was a figure that seemed to be riding something, or it was something big. Duke, Jeremy, and Max didn't want to be noticed by the mysterious thingy, but Jenny called out to it.

"Lloyd! Lloyd, is that you? It's me, Jenny! Come over here! We have to talk! It's about the peanut butter sandwiches!"

The others could already tell this was a bad thing, because it made some freaky bubbly sound that came from over there, and it was not Lloyd.

"What is that?" Jenny whispered to the others.

"I dunno. I think it could have been a big giant stick. It's logic, really." Explained Jeremy.

The others didn't care what he had to say. They realized that if that's what they had to fight (which scared the hell out of them), then Lloyd was more than likely dead. They sneaked closer to the figure, and it turned out there had been three of them.

"Crap. It's one thing to die in a dungeon like this, but it's another to die without eating any peanut butter sandwiches." Said Duke.

"I hear that!" Jeremy said, but he spoke to loud that time. The bubbles got louder and somehow bubblier. One of the creatures bubbled his way over to the group, with the others following. They soon realized it was a…

"Morbol." Jeremy said weakly, cutting off the others, as they were going to say it louder, and more fearful.

"What? No, no. You got to say it so that in future reference, if someone writes this down, that they can write this part in capital letters." Duke explained.

"Shut up. We know it's going to kill us, so we can therefore legally say anything, without meaning, unless of course we survive, but that only happens when some freaky out-of-the-blue thing happens in which they spontaneously combust or something." Just then, blood suddenly shot out of the leading Morbol's throat, as it's mouth closed and it fell forward dead, revealing an arrow in his back had struck him.

"LLOYD!" They all shouted, looking up to see Lloyd mounted on a black chocobo, with a different bow in his hand. He then shot at the remaining two Morbols, and they died.

"I told you I'd find the bow." He said as he rode his chocobo down from the high point he was on.

"Where did you get the chocobo?" Asked Max. "I didn't think any would be down here."

"Well, when I came down here, I saw him being picked on by the Morbols. I helped him, but they poisoned me, and I thought I was going to die. But then, Jiff here got rid of the poison, and we escaped, and also managed to find the Perseus Bow. Then, as you know, you guys came, so I tried the bow out on those bastards."

"So, Jiff, is it?" Asked Duke, patting the black chocobo.

"Yep. Hey, wait a sec. You two weren't here when we came," Said Lloyd, pointing at Max and Jenny." And where is my sandwich?" Duke told about the behemoth, the picnic basket, and how the others ended up with them. "Multiple fee fee? Those don't exist!"

"Yeah, I know. But that doesn't matter now. We should get to the bottom of this place. They say that there are better treasures when you get deeper, but worse monsters." Said Duke, as the group searched for more treasure. But, they had a hard time getting anything. Soon, however, they reached a big room, but it looked like there was something in the shadows. They knew something was there, but they couldn't find out, until…

"LOOK OUT!" Yelled Max, as a large sword flew right by their heads.

"It looks like someone else is looking for the treasures to." Jeremy replied.

"I think those little movements are some people who don't want us here," Said Jenny, in a worried tone.

"I have a plan," Lloyd said.

"Oh, great. He's got a plan." Said Jeremy.

"Shut up. Max, summon something that'll take care of our little friends down there."

"Like what?"

"I don't know, just do something that'll get rid of them. Everybody, stay down, so they can't hit us well." This was exceptionally hard for Jiff, but Lloyd managed to get him down. They all stayed silent, except for Max, who was muttering something, that the others could tell was some spell. Max lifted his arms into the air, as three green orbs circled him, and flew away. Soon, there was a loud hissing sound, as a giant bluish greenish serpent suddenly appeared, and water filled the room, except for the high spots that they were on. None of the enemies could have survived. There were many yells and screams, as some people (None from the group) were drowning. Suddenly, the serpent disappeared, and the water was gone. The people were ninjas, that tried to kill them, but now, there were bodies on the floor.

"I think that did it." Whispered Lloyd.

"Me too." Said Duke. Suddenly, what looked like a large flower appeared, and then a huge blast of energy hit the group. They all felt pain rushing through them. Could there have been more people alive? Could they have survived the water? It was. There were two people standing there, and a large, red dragon. The dragon screeched at the group, and they realized what they had to go against. Lloyd then mounted Jiff.

"How dare you kill our friends?" Said the man. He and the woman were samurais. "You killed them, so we shall kill you." The dragon screeched again.

"Your friends attacked us! If they hadn't attacked, they could have been alive now!" Yelled Duke.

"You tried to take our treasure. It looks like you took a little bit of what is ours." Said the woman, pointing to Lloyd's bow. "If you want to go on, then we'll fight to the death."

"O.K. then." Said Jenny, a little more confident than before.

"Shut up and die!" Yelled the man, as he charged towards Lloyd. He stopped suddenly, and lifted his sword into the air. The group couldn't see what was happening, but they could feel pain, just like before.

"I can't die like this," Said Duke, and so he leaped into the air, and nobody could see him. The group had a two people and one chocobo advantage over the samurais. Max and Jenny tried to fight off the woman, who managed to dodge every attack and spell. The man kept trying to knock Lloyd off of Jiff, but he got out of the way each time. His attacks were fast, but Lloyd had Jiff, and Jiff could fly. Jeremy had much trouble with the dragon. He could not get close to it, because it would burn him. He soon had a plan. He would run around the dragon and stab it in the back.

"Ha, ha!" Yelled Jeremy as he ran around. The dragon was to slow to stop him, but when Jeremy stabbed his sword in the dragon's back, he was shoved off. The dragon was about to burn him when Duke suddenly landed on the dragon, spear first. The dragon let out a howl, but soon died. Jenny was having problems of her own too.

"Why won't you die?" Jenny yelled at the woman. She could not hit her at all. Jenny had then charged at the woman, but she got out of the way. Jenny was about to fall off of the platform they were on. The woman pulled out her sword and sliced at Jenny, but she didn't hit. The woman didn't move. Her arms and legs were still, but her head was yelling.

"I can't move! Let me go!" She said, but she couldn't move. Max had casted a spell on her, and she could not move, except for her head. "Free me right now! As soon as I get free, I'll kill you! I swear it!" It didn't matter. Jenny got off of the edge, and gave the woman a mighty blow to the back, and she fell off the cliff.

"NOOOOO!" yelled the man as he saw his partner fall. "Damn you all. I'll kill you all! You killed my friends, you killed my dragon, and you killed my sister! I'LL KILL YOU!" He yelled. He charged at Lloyd, and knocked him off of Jiff. The man raised his sword, and was going to kill Lloyd. But then, what looked like a ghost with one large eye floated above the man. It covered him, making him look like a big glowing ball. The ball exploded, and the man was still there, but he had been petrified. Lloyd must have done it because Max had learned that spell, but he sucks at it, and Lloyd was a master oracle, so he knew what to do.

"Yes, well, good. I think we should go on." Said Max as he looked around to see if there was any treasure. "If there is any treasure, get it now. There is nobody else here, so what we finds, we keeps."

"Can we take what the ninjas had? I mean, it's logic really," Jeremy asked.

"Shut up." Said Lloyd. "But yeah, let's take anything they have. Don't take anything we don't need. It'll just slow us down." And so, the group searched the ninjas for any stuff, but only found crap.

"Maybe we should check up there" Said Jeremy, pointing at one of the platforms they did not fight on.

"I'll check." Said Duke, eager to find anything. He went up, with the help of the others. "Hmmm…I don't see anything."

"Look on the ground. Nothing is going to hover for you." Max called out.

"Good thinking." Duke replied. He looked on the ground, and didn't say a thing until… "Hey!"

"Did you find something?" Said Jenny.

"Yeah! I think the samurai had a peanut butter sandwich!" He paused, examined the sandwich, and said "Curses! He put jelly in it! That ruins the whole concept of the sandwich! What a bastard!"

"Forget the sandwich! Look for treasure!" Yelled Max.

"O.K!" Duke answered. "I did find an interesting piece of armor, and a funky looking helmet."

"I know what those are! Those are legendary treasures!" Said Lloyd. "They're the best of their kinds! Go ahead and put them on!"

"O.K." Duke replied, and he then put them on.

"Lookin' good!" Jeremy said. "Now get down here!" Jiff then flew up, and Duke got on, and flew back down.

"Let's go. I don't think there is anything else we need right now." Max stated. The group found the exit, and went into a room with what looked like a giant spiral staircase.

"What's that up there?" Duke said, pointing out a dark and shadowy figure. "It better not be another Morbol." The figure must have seen them, because it revealed itself, and it looked like some wizard.

"How dare you interrupt my meditation? I shall kill you now." He said, "I am Elidibs, the wizard of the dungeon. You stupid mortals will die!"

"Oh well, it wont be that hard, I mean six on one. It's logic, really." Jeremy pointed out.

"Shut up!" Lloyd said. "If you look there, there, there, there, there and there." He pointed out some stone figures that looked like some freaky creatures. Suddenly, Elidibs pulled out a shiny stone, and it flashed. He started glowing, and the dungeon lit up, as what looked like ghosts flew into his body. There was an explosion, as Elidibs blew up. Instead of a mangled body, a huge man with snakes all over him was there.

"You shall all die!" He said, as he lifted his arms in the air, and the stone creatures came to life. They charged at the group, except for one, who was standing there. They fought and killed the first couple of beasts, but the last one wouldn't move. Instead, it looked like he was casting some sort of spell. The group suddenly fell victim to some spell that turned them all to stone, except for Jiff and Max.

"Damn!" Max yelled. He didn't know what to do.

"Wark!" Jiff cried, and then shot three yellowish balls at the creature, and it blew up. "Wark!" He cried again.

"Excellent!" Max said, and hopped on Jiff, to fly up to Elidibs.

"How dare you kill my pets!" He yelled. "DIE!" Suddenly, green orbs, like the ones from when Max had killed the ninjas, had circled Elidibs, and a large thing appeared in the air. Max couldn't tell what was happening. It was all a blur, but he felt pain rushing all over his body. He managed to survive, but he was so damaged, he fell off of Jiff. He didn't die, and he was still conscious. With his last ounce of strength, he casted one of the strongest spells he knew. A beam of white light from the air directed itself on Elidibs, and then the whole room filled with the light. A huge blast of light came from underneath Elidibs, and he yelled with pain.

"I shall leave. You have bettered me. Never come back, or I shall kill you." He said, and disappeared. The others had gotten better, thanks to Max's magic, as well as Jiff's.

"What happened? Where is Elidibs?" Lloyd wondered. Max told what happened, and they all went back to the surface, to get on the boat. Max realized he had learned the spell Elidibs had cast on him, but that didn't matter at the time. When they reached the beach, Ben was standing there, and behind him was the boat.

"Did you find anything?" He asked.

"Look." Lloyd showed the bow, but Ben didn't care at the time.

"Tell me on the boat. I want to know if there are any peanut butter sandwiches left."

"Well, Duke and Jeremy were far behind me, and-"

"You don't have them, do you?"

"No. I'll tell you what happened on the boat."


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