Parallel Universe

Another game joins our ranks today, as Tina presents a touching story focusing on Zelda 64's hero, Link, while Alicia returns with her latest, a sad yet touching story about squall's childhood.

The next three stories are a bit darker in tone - returnign author Chad gives us a very dark look at Citan Uzuki's troubled past, and his bond with Yui, while new author Astarte gives a first person reflection of Laguna's regrets. David also returns with another twisted Final Fantasy satire, and although the moptives of the characters kept me reading to the end, some of you may find the inner workings of his characters a bit disturbing, to say the least...

As the final selection in today's update, I'm posting the only unfinished work you will ever see grace this column, and for a very specific reason. A truly great friend of mine passed on almost a year ago, but I know he'd be writing for Parallel Universe if he hadn't. Although this fic of his is unfinished, the parts I do have are hilarious, and I wished to pay tribute to him by posting it here where so many more people might be touched by his creative mind.

With solemnity,


Fanfics of the Week
Title Game Author
The Contest Zelda 64 Tina Bauer
Lionheart Final Fantasy VIII Alicia Hutchinson
A Final Fantasy Nightmare Final Fantasy VII David Solomon
One Day Final Fantasy VIII Astarte
The Real Ricdeau Xenogears Chad Harger
The Color War Final Fantasy Tactics Daniel Seltzer
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