Sketch Artist
Final Fantasy Tactics
Title Artist Date
Ovelia Young Wang 01.09.02
Spirit of a Knight Blade LadyChristelle 01.02.02
White Mage Lays the Smackdown LadyChristelle 12.19.01
Hellcry Punch LadyChristelle 01.28.01
Shellburst Stab LadyChristelle 01.21.01
Strength is Beauty K Kirk 10.12.00
Ovelia and the King Zach 09.26.00
Faithless Elaine Fair 09.02.00
The Engineer, the Archer, and the Dancer Joel Cresencia 07.10.00
Chocobo Screensaver Petra Rödig 12.03.99
Sunrise Promises Aimo and Katsura 11.16.99
Yellow Chocobo Silverelf 11.05.99
Charming Hero Elaine Fair 10.21.99
Ramza Becky 09.07.99
Final Fantasy Tactics Calendar Otaku 07.26.99
If Looks Could Kill... Darth Izlude 07.26.99
Marquis Elmdor Damian Fox 06.13.99
Ramza Wulfmune 02.16.99
Agrias' Vow Kouryuu 02.04.99
Agrias Laine 01.10.99
Alma Beoulve Rei 01.10.99
Miranda Amber Michelle 01.07.99
Agrias Oaks Rei 01.03.99
Final Fantasy Tactics
Sketch Artist
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