Sketch Artist
Breath of Fire III
Title Artist Date
Ageless Battle Lightsoul 12.18.00
Insignificance Lightsoul 12.18.00
Third Generation Lightsoul 12.18.00
Lonely soul of royalty Red Star Kid 10.24.00
Generations Samantha 09.02.00
Master Ambitions Bryce Bartley 11.27.99
Nina Wulfmune 09.24.99
Party Members Wulfmune 07.26.99
Ryu Wulfmune 07.26.99
Nina Saga Otaku 06.27.99
Summertime Petra Rödig 05.21.99
Sleepy young Rei Petra Rödig 05.21.99
...there's no other choice... Petra Rödig 05.18.99
A Friendship's End Petra Rödig 05.14.99
"...guess I caused trouble..." Petra Rödig 04.06.99
The taste of blood Petra Rödig 04.06.99
Ryu Hendrick Sukardi 04.13.99
Ryu Wulfmune 12.22.98
Ryu and Teepo Hydrachild 12.22.98
Nina Wulfmune 12.17.98
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