Sketch Artist   Archives
Date Title Game
01.09.02 Blitzball Final Fantasy X
09.02.00 Bad Hair Day, Low Door Way Vagrant Story
10.31.99 Bardian Forest Final Fantasy IV
10.12.99 Seifer Almasy Final Fantasy VIII
09.24.99 Laguna Loire Final Fantasy VIII
09.24.99 Maybe I'm a Lion Final Fantasy VIII
09.07.99 Shadow Final Fantasy VI
08.27.99 Cyan Garamonde Final Fantasy VI
08.27.99 Gau Final Fantasy VI
08.20.99 Terra Final Fantasy VI
08.14.99 Daybreak 65,000,000 BC Chrono Trigger
08.10.99 Fukei Xenogears
07.30.99 Claude C. Kenni Star Ocean: The Second Story
07.26.99 Hyuuga Xenogears
07.26.99 Sigurd Harcourt Xenogears
07.08.99 The Contact Xenogears
06.21.99 Billy "The man, the myth, the ladies dream come true" Black Xenogears
06.21.99 Dreams in the Mist Xenogears
06.13.99 Fei and Elly Xenogears
06.04.99 General Leo Final Fantasy VI
06.01.99 The Calm Before The Storm Xenogears
05.25.99 Locke Final Fantasy VI
05.21.99 Billy Xenogears
05.14.99 Fei Xenogears
04.27.99 Crono Chrono Trigger
04.16.99 Written In The Stars Final Fantasy IV
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