Sketch Artist
Date Title Game
07.10.00 Fleeting Serenity Final Fantasy VI
09.07.99 Tragic Heroine Phantasy Star IV
09.03.99 Restless Aria Final Fantasy VI
09.03.99 Soldier of Fortune Phantasy Star IV
06.21.99 Fleeting Serenity Final Fantasy VI
06.21.99 Melancholy Wind Phantasy Star IV
06.13.99 Angel of Mercy Tales of Phantasia
06.04.99 Upgrades... Tales of Phantasia
06.01.99 Embracing the Sword Final Fantasy VII
06.01.99 Full Circle Lunar
05.28.99 Red Mage, Tactics Style Final Fantasy I
05.28.99 One-Winged... Final Fantasy VII
05.28.99 Departure Xenogears
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