06.29.01 New Japanese merchandise More...

   Three new items have been added to Square's roster of Final Fantasy X merchandise. Tidus' silver necklace retails for 58,000 yen ($466 US), while his silver bracelet runs for 19,800 yen ($159 US). The final item is substantially cheaper: a sports towel sporting the logo of Wakka's blitzball team, which costs a mere 2,000 yen ($16 US).

   Note that the towel indirectly confirms that Wakka does not play on the same blitzball team as Tidus, or at least not initially. The name of Wakka's is difficult to discern from the highly-stylized text, but appears something like "Pesard Auroeus" (or perhaps "Aurozils").

   As usual, the GIA is unable to assist you in locating or purchasing these items.

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