Changes from Sega CD version

  • Text has been completely revamped, with a significant chunk (well over half!) of the game's original text being removed totally. Worry not: most is from tedious shop conversations and the like. In other areas, text is not only rewritten, but new dialogue and situations have been added, such as...

  • Luna now travels with Alex and his companions when they set sail from Meribia, instead of remaining on land. Other, smaller story changes occur as well.

  • Three new adversaries -- witch sisters -- have been added.


  • Graphics everywhere have been altered to take advantage of a much more advanced console system. More complex color palettes, resolution modes, translucency effects, and other enhancements are all seen.

  • 50+ minutes of vastly improved FMV has been created for the game, including two songs.

  • Music in towns, battles, overworld, etc. has all been improved, sounding much richer and fuller than the original.

  • Monster encounters are no longer random, as they appear in the overhead view and occasionally offer pursuit. New spells also appear in battles, in addition to a few new items popping up around the world.

  • Difficulty has also been tweaked, ensuring that many areas of the game are not nearly as easy to complete.

  • Dual Shock support has been added.

  • Two player support was included after several fans requested it on Working Designs' message board -- either controller port may control gameplay, though controller 1 will always "override" control during simultaneous input.

  • Although the price has been raised to a hefty $69.95 US, Lunar comes with a massive amount of packaging specials, including two game CDs, a music CD with arranged tracks, a video CD for the PlayStation with an inside look behind the making of the game, a cloth map, a cloth hardbound instruction manual with over 100 full-color, glossy pages, and a fold-out bullseye target with Bernie Stolar plastered in the center. (Okay, we fibbed on that last one.)

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