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   The incredibly secretive Dragon Quest VII project has been kept tightly under wraps by Enix, despite being estimated at 65% completion. The latest issue of Weekly Jump over in Japan contains a few new screen shots of the project, as well as some revelations into the storyline.

   The main character is described as a kind-hearted soul who dreams of becoming a fisherman like his father. One of his best friends is Keefer, the prince of Esthar; his father is the king and ruler of the Estharian peninsula. Keefer is a little hot-headed and wild, but wields his sword with considerable skill in a battle. Marybelle is a temperamental brat, to put it kindly. She holds a high position in the village, and whines until she gets her way. Marybelle's been friends with the hero since they were young children.

   The screens below depict more of the castle and outlying city we've seen in recent screen shots, as well as a variety of new locals. The very top of a tower in the castle is seen, as well as a secluded house, a dark dungeon, and some sort of temple. In all locations, the camera can be rotated and zoomed in/out to offer a different perspective.

   Dragon Quest VII is Japan's most anticipated title at the moment, and Enix assures fans that the game will be completed sometime in 1999. Unsubstantiated rumors have placed the release date at August 26th, 1999 -- Enix has yet to announce specific date.

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