06.02.00 Vanguard Bandits, Lunar 2 delayed
    Two of Working Designs' upcoming RPG releases are pushed back until late June and August, respectively.
04.20.00 Vanguard Bandits delayed to late May
    Last minute bug catching forces Working Designs' upcoming strategy RPG back into May.
03.18.00 Vanguard Bandits delayed
    Industry struggles to move forward after shocking announcement.
01.04.99 Working Designs release date update
   Vanguard Bandits delayed, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue production update, Lunar: Silver Star Story for PC, and yet another mystery RPG in the works. Whew!
11.20.99 Detonator Gauntlet renamed, delayed to February
   Working Designs, facing legal pressure from Midway, renames its upcoming strategy RPG to "Vanguard Bandits."
05.21.99 Detonator Gauntlet screens and info
   Working Designs releases the first official details on its futuristic strategy-RPG.
05.19.99 Working Designs' Detonator Gauntlet movies and box artwork
   Working Designs' new strategy RPG is looking EPIC And STELLAr!
05.15.99 E3: Detonator Gauntlet introduced
    In addition to Lunar 2, Working Designs is also hard at work on localizing a strategy RPG titled Detonator Gauntlet.
Vanguard Bandits