TGS: Shen Mue pushed back until August

[03.18.99] » Long expected, Sega finally pushes back Yu Suzuki's RPG to August 5, 1999.

   With the Tokyo Game Show now underway, one of the show's most prominent titles, Shen Mue, has finally been officially delayed. Promotional flyers given out on the show's floor indicate the game is now set for a release of August 5, 1999 in Japan. The delay has long been expected, as Yu Suzuki, the game's producer, was quoted in late February as saying the game was only 60% complete -- not nearly enough to make a spring release date.

   Many more details regarding Shen Mue are expected to be revealed over the next couple of days. A playable demo will be available at TGS, in addition to a VMS game downloadable over the Internet. Sega will certainly be pushing the game as one of their top titles at the show, in an attempt to regain confidence since Sony's PlayStation 2 announcement.

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Shen Mue
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