Atlus partners with Kadokawa Shoten, announces Growlanser III

[08.02.01] » Altus joins in a strategic alliance with Kadokawa Shoten to bring new titles to market.

   In these leaner time in the videogame industry, more and more developers are entering into partnerships to help shoulder the weight of development and distribution. Today, IGNPS2 reports, Altus announced its own strategic allience with publishing giant Kadokawa Shoten to licence, develop, and distribute future titles.

   In addition to a series of jointly-developed edutainment games featuring Disney and Sanrio characters, the new deal will include several of Altus' own titles. Atlus' racer Touge 3 will be the first game to be published under the partnership, but the company disclosed two unannounced RPGs to be included: Busin Wizardry Alternative and Growlanser III.

   No information is know about the Growlanser sequel, but the Wizardy title may be the "mystery PS2 RPG" that Atlus' US branch announced for localization earlier this year. Look for more information on both soon.

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