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FFX.2 - February 3rd, 2002 - Drew Cosner

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this column are those of the participants and the moderator, and do not neccessarily reflect those of the GIA. There is coarse language and potentially offensive material afoot. I want a microphone with wings so I can record the sky. Don't say we didn't warn you.

I'm feeling something of a scholastic crunch right now, forcing me to start this column much later than I normally like. So my apologies if it makes you recoil in disgust. Or vomit. I've noticed that seems to be your reaction to everything lately.

Oh, and obviously there are big, fat FFX spoilers everywhere today. I didn't feel like marking every single one with the "spoiler" banner, so be warned.

That's not what I asked!

Dear Drew,

Doesn't that whole issue reek of the Megaman X curse?

Anyway, I think the chances of there being a direct sequel to FFX is about the same chance as the moon running into the sun while I'm having wild sex with a supermodel in the back seat of a porsche that I bought with money redeemed from a lottery ticket that flew into my hands stuck to a dragonfly's ass after the original holder was struck by lightning twenty-three consecutive times on a sunny day in Hell.

It seems unlikely.

What I'd like to see is a sequel to FF Tactics. Maybe the FFX crew will start off the next FF Tactics game. That would be cool.


I can't help but notice that the part where I asked people to explain their positions has gone largely unheeded. Oh well. I guess until the dormant nanotechnology my shadowy group of high-ranking governmental officials has had implanted in the minds of every human being comes on line, I'll have to tolerate your God-accursed autonomy. Such is life.

Screwing with our heads

I think the chances we'll see a FFX sequel are pretty assured at this point. I see no reason for Square to pay their graphics manipulators and writers to put together 15 minutes of footage, including teasers about the fate of Tidus.

Well they might, if they wanted to screw with our heads as much as their endings normally do, causing the geekier of us to stay up every night for months typing up elaborate theories which are only important to our friends, who are going to use them in self-insertion fanfics. However, it seems unlikely if this were their goal, that they'd open so many questions. Who captured Tidus? Is Lulu pregnant? And why the hell does Yuna care how long she can hold her breath? (thinly veiled attempt at suicide, if you ask me)

Do I need to bring up that Orphen is not an anime based on a game, but a game based on an anime based on a manga...just like EVERY shoddily made anime-game? No, but I apparently did.


I'd like to think that the stuff we've seen so far is proof positive of a FFX.2, if you will. However, like Tomm here, I certainly wouldn't put it below Square to have stuck this in there as nothing more than fanfic-fodder to keep people gushing over the game longer after its release.

Actually, now that I think about it, that's pretty stupid. Only the geek contigency is even aware of FFX International, so what's the point of riling up a group of people that already own the title anyway? If Square doesn't release a FFX.2, I don't know what the hell they were thinking with Another Story.

I guess that would make it hard to participate

i don't have a ps2 so screw you and your topics, honky

Fair enough.

Think of it this way...

I just wanted to throw something in for people who might get pissed over a direct sequel to a Final Fantasy game, the game that has potential to come out should not be veiwed as a sequel, but more as Final Fantasy X-Disk two. Now if they were to release it as Final Fantasy 12 then I'd be pissed, that' just one thing that should not be changed, no continuity between Final Fantasies.

"Cid doesn't count!" Kramer

That... is certainly a unique way of looking at it. Although then you're sort of paying $100 for a single game, which I'd rather not think about. It's almost like a monthly service fee, only not!

On the cheap

As the GIA stated itself, FFX has sold 4 million copies worldwide...and counting. Reeling from the disastrous FF film (I won't even mention the title to keep tempers down), Square may try to capitalize on the money - duh - and create a direct sequel. Granted, this is something that they have never done before. However, if I remember correctly, the Tokyo execs wanted to "strengthen the FF brand name." Now, with Sony holding a healthy chunk of Square, maybe there's pressure to do a follow-up. And, if any of these reasons don't agree with you, then why the hell would Square make a CG that resovled absolutely nothing at all in terms of storyline?

Gunstar Heroes

Good points, all. One thing I'll mention, however: Another Story may stream like a video, but it's all done using the in-game graphics engine. So it's not like Square would be investing tons of resources into the video just to entice gamers with a possible sequel that never comes.

Wise-ass kids!

From a mathematical standpoint, the probability of a direct sequel to FFX is 1/2, .50, or 50%. The reason is that there are two possible outcomes: They will make one or they won't. One of these must be chosen, making they probability of both 1/2, .50, or 50%.

-Scott, being a smart ass and practicing B.S. math class answers at the same time.

Um, that would be true if you happened to be flipping a two-sided "yes/no die" or something, but this is a yes-or-no decision with multiple layers of complexity determing the final outcome. Let me put it this way: I can either leap in front of a speeding bus of my own volition, or not. I'm pretty sure the odds are about 100% in favor of "not" despite this boiling down to a one-or-the-other choice.

Look, most people missed the point of today's topic entirely; I'm working with what I've got, okay?

It's never too late to start!

I would have put the probability at around zero ... lets learn from our history here people. Square rarely makes direct sequels, and has never made a direct sequel to a Final Fantasy. Why would they start with FFX?

Then I remembered that Square is bleeding cash ... damn that movie. And I remembered that FFXI has an unprecedended (in FF terms) amount of bad press. And recycling engines is an good way to save money. And that I love FFX and hope they make a direct sequel. And that the ending on FFX International could easily support a sequel.


I'd say that pretty much up my take on the matter, yeah.

Gotta wonder


Interesting thought: Final Fantasy is all Square has left.

Think about it. The Xenogears series is now in Namco's hands. There is no possibility for another Final Fantasy Tactics or Vagrant Story game. And despite the fact they are releasing two more RPGs, they pretty much screwed over fans of Chrono Trigger and the Saga Frontier franchises. Finally, who's going to buy another Seiken Densetsu or Parasite Eve after such disappointing sequels?

The way I see it, Square's only hope of staving off bankruptcy is this half-baked FFX Gaiden scheme; and that's just going to piss off even more people. Part of me is sad, the other vindicated. This is what happens when a company starts fucking with its fans by giving them exactly what they don't want. The Bouncer? FF: The Movie? FF 10.5 and FF 11?

We'll just see if their Final Fantasy can save them twice.

-Red Raven

You know, until I read this letter, the full direness of Square's situation hadn't really occured to me. I mean, it's Square; thinking about Square tanking is like imagining that you'll wake up one day and find out that the Sun transformed into a kick-ass hotrod and tore off for other galaxies while you were asleep. Square has been a fixture of the industry for so long, it's hard to imagine the company could back itself into a corner like this. And yet here we stand.

That said, the logic behind a FFX.2 is obvious. I'm sure if I said that a direct sequel was inevitable, fate would mockingly prove me wrong, but you do have to wonder.

Closing comments:

I figure I'll give Erin a fun start this coming week by not assigning any topic at all. So, hey, go nuts, mail Erin about whatever the hell you want.

-Drew Cosner

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