Castlevania: White Night Concerto

   It has been known for months that a new Castlevania title was in the works, and Konami had said that it would show up on PlayStation 2. But the new Castlevania, subtitled White Night Concerto, has now been moved from PS2 to Game Boy Advance, no doubt to capitalize on the successful sales of the previous GBA title Circle of the Moon.

 The soul still burns
The holy boomerang returns

   Taking place in 1740 (after the main Simon Belmont timeline but before Richter Belmont's in Dracula X), the story follows the new hero Jeust Belmont as he carries on the legacy of whipping bats and torches to the inevitable final battle with Count Dracula. Jeust carries the blood of the Belmont clan as well as the blood of the Belnades family (the last member of which was Sypha Belnades, the lone female character from Castlevania III). Of course, Jeust is not alone in his quest: joining him are Maxim Quicin, a good friend of Jeust's who may be planning something sinister, and Liddy Erlanger, a young woman who is another good friend of the pair and is apparently being held in Dracula's castle.

   As far as gameplay is concerned, not much has changed since Circle of the Moon. Jeust wields the trusty Belmont whip and can pick up secondary items like the Holy Water and Cross, which can be powered up through magical tomes spread throughout the castle. A new "quick save" feature will be implemented, ideal for the portable format, along with enhanced graphics and animation, and -- perhaps most desired of all -- a brighter screen contrast.

   Castlevania: Symphony of the Night producer Koji Igarashi and character designer Ayami Kojima return for this sequel, and Igarashi has hinted that the next game in the series could be moving away from GBA onto another system. Castlevania: White Night Concerto will be released on June 6 in Japan, with no American or European dates announced yet.

Preview by Ray Barnholt, GIA.
Castlevania: White Night Concerto
Developer Konami TYO
Publisher Konami
Genre Action RPG
Medium Cartridge
Platform Game Boy Advance
Release Date  06.06.02
6 screenshots
3 character designs