Erin Mehlos' farewell message

Four and a half months? Four and a half months?

Wait a minute, wait a minute... I started in mid-November. So, thatís ... uh, one ... and two ... Valentineís Day, pukemakingly spongiform art thou among holidays, marks three....

Wow. Itís been four and a half months.

Itís felt like ... maybe four and a half weeks. Possibly five or six. But no way four and a half months.

Hang on.... Four and a half months?! Thatís it?! Thatís all I get?

Hard to believe my short stint as DA ends with tonightís column, mother-of-a-blowout as it will most certainly be. To have been a part of the GIA, however fleetingly, was sort of my ďromantic dreamĒ fulfilled. Beyond allowing me to combine my three great passions in life -- games, writing, and presumptuous bitching -- hosting the letters column was rewarding in and of itself. It gave me the opportunity to interact daily with a group of regular contributors whose love and understanding of the hobby -- nay, the artform -- equaled and surpassed my own.

DA was always challenging ... and it was entirely your fault. You know who you are, readers -- youíre forever marked by my adoration and respect.

We shall lock horns in further skirmishes of wit again soon, I vow. But until then, so long, and thanks for all the fish.


P.S. Donít forget to use appositives -- and pseudo-em-dashes -- wherever humanly possible.

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