1999 - Interviews
10.30.99 Project Majestic Mix
    One of the most ambitious fan projects ever conceived, Project Majestic Mix is a 2-disc collection of arranged Final Fantasy music; a "tribute to Nobuo Uematsu." The GIA presents several exclusive sound samples and an interview with the Project's creator, Stephen Kennedy.
10.26.99 Interview with Neil Gaiman
    The GIA talks with internationally renowned fantasy author Neil Gaiman on working with Yoshitaka Amano and localizing Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke.
07.29.99 Interview with Dave Marsh and Karl Roelofs
    The creators of the original Shadowgate speak with the GIA about dungeons, puzzles, and what happens when you try to make a first-person game without a rail gun.
07.08.99 Interview with Daryl Pitts
    The GIA sits down with Jade Cocoon's producer to discuss their promising upcoming RPG, future Crave development, and more.
05.12.99 Interview with Silicon Knights
    We sat down with the Too Human team at Silicon Knights to discuss Too Human, the development behind the project, and an obscure movie known as "Star Wars."
02.18.99 Interview with Yas Noguchi
    Namco Localization Producer Yas Noguchi discusses his work on Tales of Destiny and the hot topic of video game text translations.
01.27.99 GIA interviews Steve Gray, Part Two
    Steve talks to the GIA about his EA Vancouver motion capture, partying with Sakaguchi, S&M clubs in Parasite Eve, why ALL GAMES MUST SCROLL, Chemisty Entertainment's top secret projects, and the future of the entire gaming industry. Plus Jake.
01.26.99 GIA interviews Steve Gray, Part One
    Coca-cola polar bears. Star Wars SDI simulations. Electronic Arts. Wild parties with Hironobu Sakaguchi. He's Steve Gray, and he's at the heart of the entertainment industry. Part one of our exclusive (and offbeat) interview.
01.01.99 Interview with Ted Woolsey
   Infamous translator turned infamous game designer spills all to the GIA.
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