Now that the dust from E3 has had a chance to settle, the GIA has put together an album of exclusive photos from the show. Thrill to your favorite staff members as they pose with mascots and booth babes, gasp at the decadence of Los Angeles, and cheer and jeer as gaming companies and titles are captured in the camera's eye. Or just look at the pictures; it's all the same to us. Be sure to click on the thumbnails to read the witty captions! They're half the E3 experience. Enjoy the show!

The Show
   Booths, games, and large racing pods: at E3, "bigger is better."
The People
   Some of the various booth babes and mascots we saw around the show. Okay, so mostly the booth babes.
Lara Croft
   There are "booth babes," and then there's Lara. Tomb Raider's heroine poses for the cameras.
The Staff and Friends
   Ed, Drew, AV, and Glick went to E3 this year with intrepid reporter Dave and ace photographer Rummy. Watch them get jiggy with it.
Out and About Los Angeles
   The plane rides, the hotel room, and the party pictures that came out in such low lighting.
   Because the GIA loves you so much, we have these special background goodies and tidbits just for you. They are specially sized to fit your desktop and are of all your favorite pictures. Don't ever change.
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