The RPG Easter Egg Hunt

   Ever been in an Easter Egg Hunt and found it impossible to find those last few eggs? Well, here's a list of things to do in RPGs that are just as challenging, or downright impossible. Try finding more than one of these "eggs." Just try.

   Thanks to Jonathan Weng and John Smith for the feature contribution.

Brave Fencer Musashi

  • Make your pint-sized character actually look as good as his action figure

Breath of Fire 3

  • Turn the camera more than 15 degrees

Chrono Trigger

  • Reach the other floating islands of Zeal
  • Get the programmers' ending without using New Game +
  • Get more than 2000 w.p. as your jet bike race finishing score

Final Fantasy I

  • Meet a T-Rex
  • Win with only mages
  • Explain why there is only one word in Lefienish and how an entire language can fit on a small stone slab

Final Fantasy IV

  • Get a pink tail
  • Defeat Bahamut and Asura without using Wall

Final Fantasy VI

  • Get all the Lores and Rages
  • Find the treasure that the thief in the cave to the Land of Espers talks about
  • NOT defeat Kefka in one turn
  • Don't laugh when Kefka turns to dust
  • Beat Chupon in the Colosseum

Final Fantasy VII

  • Get the "All Lucky 7's" attack
  • Get the last green balloon in the beginner course in the Snow Game
  • Immediately knock down every G-bike enemy
  • Beat the game using all initially equipped equipment and avoid all random battles. (Just try to do this before your grandchildren graduate.)
  • Off the top of your head, count the total number of Sephiroth clones
  • Date Yuffie
  • Date Barret

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

  • Proclaim this is the best Final Fantasy title and keep a straight face

Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Find every mistranslation
  • Steal all the Genji equipment from Elmdor
  • Have Alma learn Ultima
  • Get the whole party to learn the Zodiac summon

Legend of Legaia

  • Win Baka Fighter

Parasite Eve

  • Reach the top of the Chrysler Building
  • Get enough junk to actually make items


  • Gotta catch 'em all!

SaGa Frontier

  • Find every item in every sidequest for every scenario
  • Make the game seem linear

Secret of Evermore

  • Stay sane while you read all those stupid movie quotes


  • Call the game an RPG and keep a straight face
  • Call Zelda 2 an actual Zelda game

Zelda 64

  • Beat Ingo with the horse he gives you
  • Lose to Ingo with Epona
  • Get 2500 points in the Gerudo arrow challenge


  • Run the timer out of digits in any RPG without leaving your game system on overnight
  • Name every Final Fantasy character (including all the Cids) in reverse alphabetical order, using first and last names
  • Now do the above in Pig Latin
  • With a working conscience, change the original character names
  • Explain the difference between Guardian Forces, Espers, and Summons, and draw out a family tree
  • Quit your job to play a newly released Square RPG
  • The first time you play a new RPG, name all your characters "Bob," and try to figure out what is going on
  • Recall what having a life was like before RPGs
  • Prefer another game site over GIA (yeah, just try)
  • Nab AK's bag of Stalin's ashes that he keeps in his shoe
  • Get Allan Milligan to answer all the letters you send him
  • Find out why Kelvin wears a full suit of armor when he's just a janitor

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