2001 - Interviews
10.04.01 Interview with Hironobu Sakaguchi
    The renowned creator of the Final Fantasy series discusses what he learned making Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and how Square's movie endeavor will affect the games of the future.
09.25.01 Interview with Hideaki Kobayashi
    The lead music composer of both Phantasy Star Online soundtracks discusses the music behind the popular online RPG.
08.31.01 Interview with Fumito Ueda
    The director, producer, and art director of ICO talks about what went into the creation of his masterful adventure title.
06.27.01 Interview with Peter Moore
    The GIA discusses Sega's future and franchises with the president of Sega of America.
06.25.01 Interview with Gun Kim
    The brain behind the craziest dating sim yet talks about the creative process, life in a flowerpot, and being a Korean game developer.
06.06.01 Interview with Greg Buchner
    The main man behind the GameCube graphics chip talks about moving Nintendo past cartridges and sizing up the console competition.
05.26.01 Howard Lincoln: The GIA Interview, part 2
    In the final part of his E3 interview, the former chairman of Nintendo of America discusses the magic of Miyamoto, the risk of add-ons, and the global scope of piracy.
05.25.01 Howard Lincoln: The GIA Interview, part 1
    In the first of a two part interview, the former chairman of Nintendo of America discusses the past, present, and future for both Nintendo and the rest of the gaming industry.
01.23.01 E3: Yu Suzuki talks with the GIA
    Sega's senior designer discusses his first games for other consoles, the health of arcades, and confirms that work on a third Shenmue title is underway.
01.23.01 Interview with Yuzo Koshiro
    The GIA talks with one of gaming's most innovative and accomplished composers about his decade of experience in the industry and his most recent work on Shenmue.
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