2000 - Editorial
09.02.00 Wiretap: Online Console Gaming
   What do SegaNet and New Coke have in common?
08.27.00 Wiretap: Spaceworld 2000 Wrap-up
   Nintendo has finally introduced its new console and the handheld that will fight alongside it. Read the GIA's analysis of the events of Spaceworld 2000.
07.27.00 Wiretap: Sega's Last Stand
   Are good games still good enough for the house that Sonic built? The GIA takes a look at Sega's chances for the upcoming fall season and beyond.
06.27.00 Wiretap: Nintendo's Big Chance
   The GIA's industry column debuts with a look at where Nintendo stands in the months prior to unveiling their new console.
01.12.00 1999: The Year In Review
   The second annual Year in Review feature takes a look back on system wars, game delays, and most of all Pokémon.
01.01.00 1999: Staff Favorites
   GIA editors each pick their top 3 games of 1999.
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