Write Your Own Survival Horror Preview!

   Hey kids! Tried the Extra Special RPG Preview Maker, but want a bit more action? We've got the preview generator for you! GIA For Kids is proud to present the RPG Preview Maker's exciting new sequel, the Extra Special Survival Horror Preview Maker! Now anyone can design their own generic survival horror title in just a matter of minutes. It's fun! It's exciting! It's even educational. (Some assembly required; batteries not included.)

   To preview your very own personal survival horror title, just fill in all the blank spaces below and press "Create Preview." (Be sure not to include HTML in any of the fields.)

Synonym for Darkness (capitalize):
Color (capitalize):
Female First Name:
Type of Tree (capitalize):
Male First Name:
Piece of Clothing (capitalize):
Sharp Object:
Shape (capitalize):
Another Color (capitalize):
Scandinavian-Sounding Last Name:
Something Flammable:
Weapon (capitalize):
Type of Building:
Last Name of a U.S. President:
Another Number:
Household Object:
Verb (capitalize):
Emotion (capitalize):
Time of Year:
Large Animal (Plural, capitalize):

Feature by Fritz Fraundorf, GIA.
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