Parallel Universe   

Never knew I could feel like I've never seen the sky before. Want to vanish inside your kiss...every day I love you more than this. Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing? Telling me to give you everything.

Hi Brooke & Dan! 135 pages is not really that long.

I never cease to be amazed at how quickly life can flip between opposite sides of the spectrum. In other words, thanks to a little prayer and well wishing from friends, things are definitely on the upswing.

I left the lifeguarding thing, and am simply going to work at camp in whatever capacity they need me...but it turns out I might be making more money than I thought. This is a good thing since I accidentally ran up several hundred dollars dialing up to a number I was told is local and isn't. whee, fun. But my dad got most of it dropped, and maybe the rest will be too.

I might be accompanying the church's musical this summer - the Sound of Music - this is pure irony for many reasons that are too long to get into. I also got a personal invite to come sing in a barbershop group this summer.

My parents have stopped acting like aliens, I got back in touch with some old friends/mentors in the last week, and today I spent an hour on the phone with an automated service. No, fools, a online banking thing. *smirk* Talk about a one track mind.

Oh, I know...this euphoria of mine is sickening, isn't it? And to think, I have GIA's Parallel Universe to thank for it. That's right...what, you don't know what in Etaria's name I'm talking about?

Well, maybe I'll let you all in eventually...*stars in her eyes* Can you guess?

*ducks rotten tomatoes*

I've heard that Georgia is a cool place. What? Hmm? oh...nothing. really. really!!

What is she smoking? These late night updates have got to stop...

you are more than stars to count...stsiaa...

p.s. ...if you haven't seen Moulin Rouge, GO SEE IT!

Date Title Game Author Genre
06.16.01 Circles - Part Two: Space Xenogears Chad Harger Serious
06.16.01 "I Owe 'Them' Something" Final Fantasy Tactics Christopher K. Winn Serious
06.16.01 Are You Afraid? Final Fantasy VI Lesley Serious
06.16.01 The Lost Sword Suikoden II Hind Osama Serious
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