Parallel Universe   

You got no money, you got no home...Spinning wheel, all alone.

Thanks once again to all those who sent their fanfics in the proper format. I just realized that it's been a long time since the submission guidelines were touched, so I'll try to have those updated for next time. There's a lot of regular fanfic authors whose names I haven't seen in my inbox for a long time. Are you insanely busy or have you given up writing fanfics? Or maybe you're too busy playing games...*jealous*

In other not so new news, school is frustrating. The other night, on some sort of delusional whim, I thought of creating the School of Music in the Sims, simply so I could set it on fire and watch it burn down. Fun! Spring break's just around the corner, right?

There's an awful lot of cynicism in this update...maybe I've been reading too much Double Agent.

Planning my spring semester hit list,

Date Title Game Author Genre
01.30.01 Yellow, For Remembering Final Fantasy VI Margaret Rennie Serious
01.30.01 Mourn Not The Fallen Chrono Cross Amanda Swiftgold Serious
01.30.01 Reunion Final Fantasy V/Final Fantasy VI Gabe Colbaugh Serious
01.30.01 Please Don't Hate Me Final Fantasy IX Negative Creep Serious
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