Parallel Universe

Wow, an all Final Fantasy update! That's a rarity...and it means it's time for me to beg again for a fanfic about Flik or Jowy...I'd even settle for one about Gremio or Clive...

*sniffs* There aren't enough good Suikoden fics out there....

Anyways, the stuff we do have today is, as usual, a very varied batch. David returns to spoof poor Cloud some more...and oddly enough, this fic reminds me of a girl I knew back in Junior High who was just totally obsessed with the school's most popular guy...

Alicia brings her latest, a really sharp and witty piece looking inside the mind of one of our favorite Cids, while Kristina also returns with a sweet FFVIII piece uniting two characters I hadn't yet seen together.

New author Amara delves into Raine's memories on her deathbed, while Soul-Hunter gives us a look at the bond between Rinoa and Seifer. Finally, our last new author, Dark Moogle, bestows upon us one of the most unusual crossovers I've read. I'm not sure whether to call this a self-insertion or not, but I've always liked the twist of an original character among a familiar cast.

Well, I'm back to celebrating my roommate's departure whilst I redecorate her half of the room...

Counting the days til spring break,


Fanfics of the Week
Title Game Author
Sky's The Limit Final Fantasu VII Alicia Hutchinson
After The Rain Final Fantasy VIII Amara Enid Tarin
Fanatic Final Fantasy VII David Solomon
An Unlikely Match Final Fantasy VIII Kristina Delgado
Of Fire Crosses and Wishing Stars Final Fantasy VIII Soul-Hunter
Garet Jax Final Fantasy VIII Dark Moogle
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