03.19.01 16 mini-game screenshots More media

   AM2 has unveiled several new Shenmue II mini-games. As in the first Shenmue game, hero Ryo will be able to earn money by gambling. A simple arm-wrestling game is the first such game; the player simply has to press the A button as fast as possible to win the duel. In a second game, Ryo must drop a ball onto a net of nails sticking out from a board. If the ball stays balanced, he wins the jackpot. Finally, a dice betting game will be included as well.

   The popular "UFO catcher" dolls also from return from Shenmue I. Dolls can now be sold at pawn shops for extra cash; in particular, selling a complete line of dolls will net a tidy profit. Sets seen in the screenshots so far include the VF Group, the VF Kids Group, and the VF Perfect line. (Different shops will also buy dolls for different prices, so Ryo will want to shop around!)

Shenmue II