Sketch Artist
Star Ocean: The Second Story
Title Artist Date
"Come On Bunny!" Lania Angelic 02.05.01
Leon Geeste Wulfmune 01.14.01
Smiling Rena YC Tan 01.14.01
Ashton Lightens Up (...A Little Bit) Ammo 12.18.00
Possessed Petra Rödig 06.13.00
Precis ComeOnBunny 06.13.00
"And that's how the monsters ceased to exist!" Andrea Hartmann 06.13.00
Dias Wulfmune 10.21.99
Claude and Rena Wulfmune 10.21.99
Ashton Nutz 09.24.99
Claude Nutz 09.24.99
Claude C. Kenni Laura 07.30.99
Tree of Comfort Rinoa Z 07.26.99
Who's your true hero? Sakana 06.27.99
In the Ocean of Stars Kei 12.27.98
Star Ocean 2
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