Sketch Artist
Parasite Eve
Title Artist Date
Aya holding a gun June 01.02.02
Aya Brea June 01.02.02
Aya Brea Julie Zhuo 12.18.00
Aya Brea Guranto Gates 06.13.00
"You'd better don't play too much..." Petra Rödig 12.03.99
The Parasite Eve Gang Tu Bui 11.27.99
Aya on Tower Eiji Gen 11.16.99
Aya Brea Khari J. Sampson 11.05.99
Aya and Eve Ghost Chen-chen 11.05.99
Bleeding... Sakana 10.31.99
Parasite Eve Becky 08.31.99
"No one messes with my dress!" Naska 05.21.99
Aya Sakana 04.06.99
Aya Brea and Eve Hydrachild 02.09.99
Eve Vera Laluz 12.17.98
Aya Brea Poh Yih Chwen 11.22.98
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