Sketch Artist   Archives
Date Title Game
01.09.02 could you take me where you're going if you're never coming back Final Fantasy series
12.26.01 i'm not broken yet Final Fantasy VI
11.06.00 in rooms i put value in Final Fantasy VI
09.19.00 i'm a little girl disguised as a man who lost his gp Final Fantasy IV
09.02.00 174093jgo29 Secret of Mana
10.31.99 let's give your hand some work Final Fantasy VIII
10.27.99 i want that chicken sammich Final Fantasy VIII
10.27.99 i originate from zero and end at ten Metal Gear Solid
05.18.99 I Have a Prom Date Chrono Trigger
02.01.99 don't forget me, please Chrono Trigger
01.19.99 I'm Afraid of Rejection Final Fantasy VII
01.07.99 SouthRock Shimmey Final Fantasy VI
01.03.99 ...It's Battle Time... Final Fantasy VI/VII
12.13.98 Universe City Final Fantasy VI
11.29.98 Rydia Pampers a Velcromonkey Final Fantasy IV
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