Sketch Artist
Pamela Ramali
Date Title Game
12.26.01 Yuna Final Fantasy X
03.05.01 The cast of Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VII
03.05.01 Kuja Final Fantasy IX
03.05.01 Morrigan Puzzle Fighter
07.10.00 Celes Chere Final Fantasy VI
07.10.00 ... And I Will Take You in My Arms Final Fantasy VI
6.13.00 Terra Bradford Chrono Trigger
10.12.99 Terra Bradford Final Fantasy VI
10.12.99 Riesx Seiken Densetsu 3
09.07.99 Elly Xenogears
08.14.99 Ghaleon Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
08.14.99 Morrigan Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
08.03.99 Squall Leonhart Final Fantasy VIII
07.26.99 Nina Breath of Fire 2
07.26.99 Terra Final Fantasy VI
07.26.99 Goddess of Ice Final Fantasy VIII
06.27.99 On the Moon Final Fantasy IV
06.21.99 Faris Final Fantasy V
06.21.99 Elly Xenogears
06.04.99 Aeris Gainsborough Final Fantasy VII
06.01.99 Princess Emerald Magic Knight Rayearth
06.01.99 Gerudo Guard Zelda 64
05.28.99 Vincent Valentine Final Fantasy VII
05.14.99 Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII
05.07.99 Tifa Lockheart Final Fantasy VII
05.04.99 The Slave Final Fantasy VI
04.30.99 She's a Guy! Chrono Trigger
04.27.99 The Princess of Destiny Zelda 64
04.23.99 When The Black Wind Howls Chrono Trigger
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