Sketch Artist   Archives
Date Title Game
10.12.00 Lazy Dreamer Houshin Engi
10.04.00 Arche Tales of Phantasia
09.26.00 Stalking Foresta! Ys V
09.19.00 Chrono Cross-over: MikiChild Chrono Cross
09.19.00 Luther Gemma Ys Series
06.30.99 Reminiscence Ys V
05.18.99 Chibi Mercenary Fire Emblem
04.06.99 Tiara Nort Yoko BASTARD!!
02.09.99 Foxy Mama!! Final Fantasy VII
02.04.99 Agrias' Vow Final Fantasy Tactics
12.27.98 Rinoa Heartilly Final Fantasy VIII
12.20.98 Dragoon Kain Final Fantasy IV
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