When Jessie Met Elly
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Zachary Knoles Colored pencils zakky99@aol.com The Way In
Artist's Commentary

Okay, I have to be careful with my terminology this time, because someone busted me the last time for using the word "genetics" instead of "nanotechnology." When coming up with this picture, I thought it would be fun (or, rather, funny) to draw the scene when Jessie first meets Elly and pins a gun to the back of her head. What I particularly like about this picture is my HAND-DRAWN lens flare behind Jessie. I could've put a lens flare behind him using Photoshop ... but what fun would that be? Oh, and another little humorous item of note is that I was originally gonna draw this with Elly's hands placed behind her head. EXECUTION STYLE! (Yes, I know it's not REALLY "execution style," but I just like saying that.)

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