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   Although any CD can be used to generate levels in Vib Ribbon, the game CD comes equipped with a set of six catchy songs, plus a seventh song that explains (in Japanese) how to play the game. (There is no Track #1, as the first track on the CD contains the game data.)

   We weren't able to find any official names for these songs, so we've titled them according to our own random whims. Lyrics are also provided for the English songs, but plenty of guesswork was required in transcribing them -- please realize that the lyrics only represent our best guesses as to the lyrics and are by no means a definitive guide.

#02 - Polaroid (MP3, 2.8 MB)Lyrics
#03 - Sunny Day (MP3, 2.8 MB)Lyrics
#04 - Laugh and Beats (MP3, 2.9 MB)Lyrics
#05 - Universal Dance (MP3, 2.8 MB)Lyrics
#06 - Overflowing Emotions (MP3, 3.0 MB)Lyrics
#07 - Roll Along (MP3, 2.9 MB)(no lyrics)
#08 - Vib Ribbon Blues (MP3, 1.5 MB)(no lyrics)
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