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"Oh no! Not now! I have to go the bathroom!" (97 kb)
"My dad's gonna bite me!" (38 kb)
Joe Chin's cake speech (746 kb)
PaRappa and P.J. check out Joe Chin's car (258 kb)
"Oh, PaRappa! I still have 59 more monthly installments to pay!" (134 kb)
"We got an emergency, can't you see?" (47 kb)
Master Fleaswallow introduces himself (290 kb)
Full Tank (220 kb)
"Yeah! I know! I gotta believe!" (97 kb)
"How about JANKEN?" (105 kb)
"When Jet Baby flies, she flies through any weather..." (111 kb)
Joe Chin puts on his magic gloves of glory (306 kb)
"A birthday party without a cake is like a dance floor without me!" (188 kb)
"Kick, punch, it's all in the mind!" (43 kb)
"Wow, PaRappa looks so manly today." (124 kb)
"I need to go just as bad as you!" (113 kb)
"LET'S RAP FOR IT!" (274 kb)
"You guys can sit in the back." (131 kb)
"Sunny's my life, she's like a dice." (102 kb)
"You gotta do what?" "I gotta believe!" (54 kb)
"Ahhhh... this is life..." (180 kb)
PaRappa orders water (82 kb)
"Yahoo! All right!" (43 kb)
PaRappa the Rapper